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Window Prices and Costs | Window Glass Prices Online and in UK

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Reduce your fuel bills and revamp your home by installing new windows - get the latest window prices & costs here with our window price guide.

How much does a Single Window Replacement cost?

Average cost in UK: £550

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The average cost for Replacing and Installing a Window is £550. You are likely to spend between £400 and £700 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

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How much does a Single Window Replacement cost?

Average cost in UK: £550

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The average cost for a Replacement Sash Windows is £500. You are likely to spend between £20 and £3000 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Many people wish to change their windows, but as glass prices may be of concern they ask themselves ‘how much do replacement windows cost?’ New windows can be very cost-effective.  They can reduce your fuel bills and carbon footprint as well as increase the value, security and appearance of your home – find out about the cost of new windows.


Benefits of Installing New Windows

There are a number of reasons to install new windows in your property:

  • Save money – according to the Energy Saving Trust (EST), replacing your old, single glazed windows with new B-rated double glazed ones can save you as much as £165 a year on your energy bills.  The cost of new windows can therefore be recouped.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint – Don’t just consider window costs, there’s also the impact on the environment installing new windows can save 680kg of carbon per year, says the EST.

  • Increase security –  double glazed windows with robust frames and locks will increase the security of your property

  • Eliminate noise pollution – double glazed windows will block out outside noise effectively; which can be especially useful if you live near a busy main road

  • Long-lasting appeal  – new windows can last as long as 20 years, justifying cost of new double glazed windows, for example.

Replacement window costs

The UK’s average double glazing prices may vary from year to year, as will the cost of replacement windows which can change according to where you live, how many windows you’re replacing and what shape, size and type of frames you choose.

  • The average total window cost in a three-bedroom terrace property is £7,000

Take into account that you or your contractor may need to rent scaffolding to complete the window replacement, so you must add this on to the cost of glass.

Get more information on replacement window costs.


Replacement window & glass prices

Are you wondering ‘how much does glass cost?’ Well, the cost of simply replacing a pane of window glass will vary depending on the size and quality of the glass, including whether it’s double glazed.

On average:

Supplying and fitting a new pane of glass will cost around £100

Get more information on replacement glass prices.


Window screen replacement costs

A screen can be placed over window or doors to act as a barrier/ filter. Window screens can be used to protect against insects, for example, or to stop pets from escaping while keeping the windows and doors open.

So, how much does a new window screen cost? Window screens will cost on average £40 to £80 each, depending on what type you choose

Get more window screen replacement costs.


How much do new windows cost?

Window costs will vary depending on a variety of factors. Firstly, price depends on the size and type of windows you choose; including whether you go for the most efficient low-emissivity glass. The type of frames you choose and whether you’re planning to replace sash or bay windows can also change the price. The key is to always get at least three quotes for your new windows and check your window installer is insured and has good references. Here are some example costs for new windows:

  • Replacement glass uPVC windows    Two new, basic uPVC windows will cost around £500
  • How much do wooden double glazed windows cost?  Double glazed, bay windows with a wooden frame will cost up to £3,000

Get more information on new window costs.


How much does window installation cost?

In addition to the cost of new windows, you’ll have to factor in the cost of hiring someone to install them. While this is something you could do yourself; it’s best to hire a professional to fit your new windows for you. Installers registered with a self-assessment scheme like FENSA will also be able to provide you with a certificate to prove your windows meet building regulation standards.

If you choose to self-install you’ll have to pay for an inspector to come and check your windows comply. Installation costs vary from company to company and depending on what area of the country you live in. Installers may charge a fixed fee for installing all windows, charge an hourly rate or a per window rate.

How much to fit a window:

  • £75 for each uPVC window that needs to be fitted
  • £85 for each hardwood window that needs installing

Find out more about window installation costs.


uPVC window prices

uPVC windows are a popular choice because they’re cheaper than other materials such as wood but are incredibly durable, strong, low maintenance and long lasting. However, cheap uPVC windows  and doors may not suit period properties and many people don’t find uPVC as aesthetically pleasing as other materials.

  • Cost of window: uPVC windows cost on average £200 each

Get more information on replacement glass for uPVC windows and further uPVC window prices.

Get more information on uPVC window prices.


Guide to cheap uPVC windows

While uPVC windows tend to be the cheapest option, you could get your uPVC windows even cheaper by looking for companies who sell them at trade price, for example:

  • A  1mx1m trade price uPVC window will cost around £112 (when you spend a minimum of around £500)
  • You could also pick up second-hand or ex-showroom uPVC windows at a lower cost

Find out more about how to get cheap uPVC windows.


Sash window prices

Sash windows are popular in period properties and may look great, but the reality is that they’re often badly fitted and almost always single pane.  This can result in a cold, draughty home and extortionate heating bills; if you want to install new sash windows though you can get double glazed units which are fitted and sealed, although this can be pricey:

You might wonder, how much are uPVC sash windows?  uPVC  sash windows cost around £300 per window

Get more information about sash window prices.


Cost of sash window replacement, restoration and repair

Simply repairing or restoring sash windows can be expensive, depending on what state they are in, and the cost entailed is typically more than the average cost of windows and doors:

  • Sash window repairs and replacements can cost between £50 and £1,000

Find out more about the costs associated with sash window replacement, restoration and repair.


Bay window prices

Bay windows are a popular design feature associated with the Victorian period; they also provide extra light and seating, as well as make the room appear larger. Prices for bay windows are as follows:

  • New bay windows can cost around £2,000 per window to install, depending on the construction of your property
  • Upgrading existing bay windows with double glazing costs around £1,000 to £2,000

Get more information on bay window prices.


Wooden window prices

Wooden window frames are more eco-friendly to produce, are naturally insulating, look attractive and are especially suited to period properties.  You can also easily customise wooden frames by painting or carving them, however, they do require regular maintenance to avoid rotting or warping. Here are some example wooden window prices:

  • It will cost around £419 to £500 to buy a 1200x1200mm double glazed wooden window
  • A double glazed wooden sash window will cost around £550 to £650

Get more wooden window prices.


Cheap wooden window frames

Wooden window frames may look great, but people wonder about the cost of new windows and doors made from wood as they can also be more expensive than materials like uPVC. There are however, some ways you can get your wooden window frames cheaper:

  • You can pick up second-hand wooden window frames for between £150 and £200

Find out more about cheap wooden window frames.


Dormer window costs

Dormer windows are installed in lofts and are similar to skylights. Prices for dormer windows will vary depending on how big they are; installation prices also depend on where in the country you live, on average:

  • Dormer windows cost around £300 to £600

Get more dormer window prices.


Triple glazing prices

Triple glazing means adding a third pane of glass to a window frame which creates two insulating air barriers between the inside and outside of your home. Triple glazing can reduce heat loss through your windows by a third more than double glazing and is popular in very cold countries such as Canada. On average:

  • Triple glazing could cost you around £295 per window

Get more information on triple glazing prices.


Building regulations for windows

Beyond the considerations of general glass cost, or the cost of replacing a window pane in isolation, if you live in a listed building or conservation area it’s best to ask your local building authority about updating your windows, as there may be restrictions.

All new windows in the UK must meet government thermal standards to ensure they are as eco-friendly as possible.  So, when you’re choosing new windows, look for ones that have a good BFRC rating (between A and G); the Energy Saving Trust also carry a recommended logo for windows which meet the BRFC rating B or above.

The easiest way to make sure that you adhere to building regulations is to hire an installer registered with a self-assessment scheme such as FENSA or CERTASS; they will provide you with a certificate to confirm that your windows meet regulations and inform your local authority of this. If you do not hire a registered window installer you’ll need to get building regulation from your local building authority instead.

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