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Review: The Best Tools for Gutter Cleaning in the UK in 2022

Gutter cleaning

Cleaning your gutters can be a messy job. You have to get onto the roof, deal with the debris, and inspect the gutters for blockage and leaks at least twice or thrice a year.

In this guide, I have compiled some of the best gutter cleaning tools as of 2021 that do not require the use of a ladder.

The Best Off-ladder Gutter Cleaning Tools

Below are some of the most recommended cleaning tools that require minimal to no use of a ladder.

Ezy Flo Deluxe High Reach Gutter Cleaner

Key features

– It has an adjustable metal valve.

– It has a high-pressure nozzle and brush.

– The tool is made out of high-quality industrial-grade aluminium.

– It can reach up to 22 feet with body height.

Pros of Ezy Flo Gutter Cleaner

– It’s effortless to use and reliable.

– It saves you time while cleaning.

– As it’s made with an adjustable valve, you can easily monitor the water flow.

– It’s easy to install.


– The brush nozzle isn’t of high quality.

This gutter cleaning tool is highly recommended as it saves time and does the most cleaning for your gutters.

The Powerfit PF31052B Gutter Cleaner The Powerfit gutter cleaning tool using pressure to clean a gutter

Key Features

  • It fits on most gas pressure washers.
  • It has two high-pressure nozzles.
  • It weighs a maximum of 0.5 pounds.
  • It has an attractive design.


  • It’s very easy to install and use.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • It’s affordable.


Because it uses pressure, debris and other dirt from your gutter fly around your home. It can stick on your wall exterior or your compound, leaving a mess.

A Powerfit gutter cleaner is an ideal tool that you can use from the ground and achieve great results.

Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand

Orbit telescoping gutter cleaning wand

Key features

– It has four positioned ratcheting heads.

– The telescopic wand easily extends from 40 inches to 70 inches. This helps in increasing the rod for usage in higher areas in the gutter.

– It has a durable metal construction. So, this feature makes it lightweight and durable.

– It has a rotating nozzle. The sweeper rotates at an angle of 180 degrees making gutter cleaning easy.

Pros of the tool

– It’s protean – The orbit gutter cleaner not only cleans the gutters but can also be used to clean your patio, sidewalks, windows and driveways.

– It’s lightweight.

– You don’t need a ladder to clean your gutters as it can stretch for at least 70 inches high.


– It’s expensive.

– It needs arm strength at first but after using it several times, you will get used to it.

The orbit telescopic gutter cleaner is a fantastic tool, especially for DIY enthusiasts who desire multifunctional tools.

EZ SMART Gutter Cleaning Tool

EZ smart gutter cleaning tool is blowing leaves from a gutter.

Key features

– It has a long-lasting rechargeable18V Lithium-Ion Battery. This allows you to blast a 120mph jet of air on your gutters for maximum cleaning effect.

– It has an adjustable nozzle that allows you to blow air where you want directly.

– It has a flexible design that enables it to glide over any kind of roof configuration.

– It has a bump action- A power ON/OFF button.

– It uses turbine technology.


– It’s a safer option for cleaning your gutter as there is no need to get on top ladder or any other high place. Therefore, your chances of an accident are low.

– It’s easy to use as it glides over the gutters.

– It’s ladder-free.

– It’s sturdy and lightweight.

– It can fit on any universal pole threading.


None was found during the review.

When using the EZ smart gutter cleaning tool, you can experience great joy in seeing your gutter’s debris being blown out.

The Gutterwhiz GW1 Gutter Cleaning tool

Key features
-The product dimension is 12 × 12 × 4 inches.

– It’s made with strong material.

– It comes with glasses that prevent flying debris from entering your eyes.

– Its claw handles are 1.5″ in width that allowing easy access to all standard gutters.


– It’s multifaceted – This Gutterwhiz Gutter Cleaning Tool not only removes debris from your gutters but also helps you in other chores like cleaning your windows, hanging your lights, and the pole can also function as an extension for a paint roller.

– It’s easy to use as the pole is expandable and has a lock on and off feature.

– The material is lightweight.

– It has a rotating tip that’s used for multiple functions.

– It has a strong construction making the cleaning Tool durable.

– It’s very affordable.


– It leaves dirt sprawled on your compound.

– It doesn’t come with the pole.

This Tool is ideal for people who are working on a tight budget. However, the quality of the gutter cleaning wand is still high.

Gibbon 150100 Gutter Cleaning Tool

Key features

– The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty.

– It balances perfectly and propels efficiently.

– The gutter cleaning wand provides a super-pliable flex hose that connects to the tubes for the leaf blower.

– You can use either backpacked or handheld.


– It’s easy to use. The gutter cleaner can manoeuvre around your gutter system easily.

– There is an extension kit(sold separately) so, you won’t still need a ladder for higher heights.

– It cleans the gutter from wet leaves and debris.


– It’s not compatible with a snap-on attachment.

The Gibbon Gutter Cleaning Tool allows you to move to and from the gutters. Additionally, it has specially designed wheels that hook to your gutters and roll 20ft per minute.

Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool


– It’s adjustable and lightweight.

– It can clean your gutters without the use of water.

– It can fit on most universal extension poles.

– The material is durable.


– Most users have reported that their necks and hands become tired very quickly.

– The pole it comes with has been reported not to be very sturdy.

Key features

– The tongs spread for at least a 14-inch grasp.

– The paddles are above 2.5 inches wide.

With this gutter cleaner, you can comfortably clean your gutters without the use of water.

The Belupai Gutter Cleaning Spoon and Scoop

The Belupai gutter cleaning Tool scooping out dirt from the most hidden parts of a gutter.

Key features

– It’s an ergonomic gutter cleaning Tool that can attach to most extension poles.

– The Tool can hang from your ladder, making climbing and debris collection easier.

– It has a unique shaped hook that can pull debris from the corners of your roof and other places.


– There’s minimal movement while on the ladder.

– It’s easy to use and light.

– It’s simple but very effective.

– It has a durable plastic handle.


– It doesn’t have an extension pole.

– It doesn’t completely get rid of debris

– The price is fair but requires an additional purchase for the extension pole.

In comparison to the other off-ladder cleaning tools, the Belupai Gutter Cleaning Tool is an excellent cleaning tool that requires one to use the ladder. It brings closer all the debris and eases the process of scooping it out.

In conclusion, When choosing a gutter cleaning tool, you should key in factors like cost and efficiency before purchasing it. All the cleaning tools reviewed are excellent and easy to use. However, based on your personal preference, you should consider one that favours you the most.

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