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Savings Guide for a New Staircase


Installing a new staircase not only elevates the look of your home but also adds value to your property. Therefore, you need to formulate a clear plan of action and an appropriate budget to cover all the costs of installing or remodelling the staircase. However, building a staircase in a new house or remodelling an existing one can be costly.

This guide will look at how much it costs to install a new or remodel a staircase and tips to help you save money and time.

The Cost of Installing a New Staircase

The type of staircase varies along with the price and additionally, each one is custom-built as per the owner’s preference. The average price of a new basic staircase can cost up to £4,000 while a modern, bespoke and chic staircase can cost up to £50,000

Custom-built staircases are expensive because of the things used and the level of craftsmanship required to install them. Moreover, it’s important to note that your location also influences overall.

The Cost of Remodelling an Existing Staircase

Whether you’ve bought a house that needs an interior upgrade, or your home is starting to feel dull and old, remodelling an existing staircase can lift the look of your home. Depending on which type is chosen the price will range between £2,000 to £4,000.

Money-saving Tips When installing/Remodelling a Staircase

Refurbishing a house is always an exciting moment for any homeowner. However, before proceeding with any activity, you should consider several factors before choosing the right staircase for your house to help you save money and time.

The Age of Your Property

UK homes’ architectural designs vary. The disparity is caused by the difference in time in history that the houses were built. Therefore, you should be aware of the history of your home. Depending on the age of your property, some designs are difficult to install or remodel without affecting their structural integrity. Some of the architectural styles include:

  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Georgian

If your ageing staircase is in a period property, consider maintaining the original features and doing minor repairs like paintwork and adding some accessories.

 Your Budget?

Staircase renovation can be costly compared to installing a new set of stairs. Therefore, if you plan to remodel the existing one, you should consider how much it will cost.

You should also include in your budget the cost of any additional repairs. For example, while removing your staircase, you may discover other underlying issues like dampness and rot. These issues are severe and need immediate action as they can interfere with the structural soundness of your house.

 Your design

It’s crucial to research and decide on the overall design of different staircases. Take your time to interact with the various styles available and then identify the best which suits you. This way, you will have confidence in moving forward with the construction.

Now that you know the various factors to consider before installing or remodelling a set of staircases, the following tips will help you save money and time:


It is the best option if you want to cut the highest cost. However, it’s limited to people with knowledge in home improvement techniques. Therefore, when planning a DIY, you should consider:

  • How to cheaply acquire materials,

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you should know where to source the necessary materials. This way, you can save money and still have quality items. These can be purchased from a range of suppliers including manufacturing companies and wholesale stores.

  • Transportation

Getting an inexpensive means to transport your building materials is another way to save you money. For example, you can use a supplier where delivery is included or you might be able to borrow a van from your neighbour, family or friends.

Choose an Easy Design

Unless you are an expert, it’s recommended that you choose an easy staircase to install. A straightforward staircase will be fast and less costly to install than bespoke designs, which can be sophisticated.

You can also accessorize with carpets, lights or hand-crafted rails. However, if you choose a straightforward design you will save money from your budget on unnecessary items.  

In addition, there are different designs that range from straight, L- shaped, spiral, floating and U-shaped. The more complex the design, the more things will need to be used and the more expensive the project will be.

Look Out For Clearance Sales

There are seasons when most stores offer clearance sales for their hardware items. You can coincide your renovation to match this duration for you to save money.

By browsing on e-commerce platforms and the store’s websites, you can keep track of the next available sale. As a result, you can minimize your budget by up to 75%.

 Hire the Services of a Professional

This can prove cheaper than doing a DIY, especially if you are not confident in your skills. Hiring a professional will get the work done faster. Another hack you can use to save more money is talking with the tradie about the materials needed and then purchasing and transporting them for yourself. Unfortunately, some contractors tend to hike the prices for their benefit.

Gauge the cost of different staircase materials

Going cheap on the type of materials for your stairs does not mean settling for low-quality. There are different materials in the market. They include marble, glass, metal, timber and concrete. For instance, glass ranges from £11 to £145 per metre while timber’s average cost is £2,900. So, you should consider using a substance that is kind to your pocket and preferred design.

Choose What Part of Your Staircase Will Be Installed

The process of installing a new staircase is expensive and cumbersome. So, if your stairs are in good condition and just need a minor touch-up, you can simply redesign the bannisters.

The bannisters are usually sold separately from the staircase materials thus are priced differently. The railings are typically sold per metre. If you are creative with it, you will save money.  

Determine The Space

When budgeting for the new installation, it’s essential to consider the space you’ll use. For example, if you are working on a tight budget and your house is spacious, you can get creative with the space and install pocket-friendly but functional stairs.

Hire The Services of a Novice

You can consult your neighbours or friends to refer someone who is still in school and offer them an opportunity to practice the skill learned in school. As they lack formal certification, they will most likely charge you cheaper.

Seek recommendations

Your friends, relatives and neighbours can be a vital resource when planning for a staircase installation. For example, they might have contacts of credible tradesmen or people that offer affordable rates on installation. You might also be lucky and get a discount which will save you money.

In conclusion, before embarking on a staircase installation, take full consideration of all costs involved. Then, using the tips mentioned above, you can work with a very reasonable budget.

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