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UK Karndean Flooring Prices and Costs


The popularity of this floor type is growing at a fast rate in the UK’s market since they are cheap and easy to install. Moreover, its resemblance to the traditional hardwood makes it appealing and easy to maintain.

This guide will cover some of the most common questions, including the cost per square metre in a house, the cost for the different floor formats, and additional costs of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT).

How much does the Karndean floor cost?

The average cost in the UK:

The average cost of the floor in a medium-sized room ranges from £700-£1000, inclusive of labour and materials. Labour costs are between £100 and £200 per day while the average price per m² ranges from £17 to £35 for the materials only.

Let us break down the flooring cost if installed in different parts of your home.

1. Living room

If space is 22m², you should expect to spend – £2,000- £2,200.

2. Hallway

If space is 6m², you should expect to spend – 525- £625.

3. Bathroom

If space is 8m², you should expect to spend – £865- £965.

4. Kitchen

If space is 15m², you should expect to spend – £1600- £1925.

5. Bedroom

If space is 16m², you should expect to spend – £1730- £2110.

If you plan on installing the floor on the entire house, it will be expensive;- but the upside is that it’s a high-quality type of floor that will last.

There are different types of Karndean flooring, which comes in different designs, from lumber to metallic. For example:

1. Korlok: This is among the most expensive type of LVT. The tiles have K-lock technology used in reducing noise. The price starts from £35 per m².

2. Da Vinci: They range in style and design, and their price starts from £28 per  m².

3. Palio Clic: They are a luxury range with a unique feature of click-locking. Their price starts from £27 per  m².

4. Opus: This is a modern range of concrete and wood textures in neutral colours. Its price starts from £25 per m².

For those wondering what this is exactly, well, It’s a flooring product made from limestone, pigments, and polyvinyl chloride. The best feature about the floor is the fact that the design is slip-resistant. However, It is essential to keep all surfaces dry to avoid any accidents.

The luxury flooring comes in three formats:

1. Rigid-core

You can fit this type of floor over existing damp, uneven sub-floors or hard floors. They come in different shades of up to 32 styles. The flooring can be fitted in a puzzle design, and the flooring can be created like a puzzle. The cost ranges from £20- £50 / m². The key feature about this floor is, it is straightforward in the installation process as it does not require any adhesive glue. It can also be installed over existing floors, saving you money on waste removal costs.

2. Loose-lay

They are named the latest flooring solutions as their materials increase friction on the floor, allowing it to stick to the sub-floor. Its price ranges from £35- £50 / m². Loose-lay floor formats are quick and easy to install and have added acoustic benefits.

3. Glue-down

You can customize this type of floor with different design strips, borders as well as patterns. A tradie prepares them on a completely flat and dry sub-flooring and is ideal in areas with high traffic because of their installation process. It’s glued down with an adhesive providing a long-lasting floor solution and prevents the floors from slipping. Its price ranges from £20- £30 / m² and requires a professional to install.

These types of Karndean flooring are installed in different parts of a building with varying costs. However, it is important to note their shared benefits.

  1. The flooring is comfortable to walk on barefoot and compatible with underfloor heating.
  2. It is water-proof and excellent for kitchen and bathrooms
  3. They are easy to clean, providing a hygienic environment for both children and pets.
  4. They have a guaranteed unique scuff for life with stain-resistance technology.

There are other additional costs you should include while having a budget for installing the LVT:

  • Underfloor heating cost

Before installing the Karndean floor, you should consider having underheating installed.

These will offer a comfortable and efficient way to heat your home. The cost varies with the type you choose. For instance; If you go with a dry system, which uses electricity to heat the floor, it generally costs around £800, while the wet method, which uses water from the main supply, goes for about £1200.

  • ThermaSkirt boards cost

You should consider installing ThermaSkirt boards. These patented aluminium skirt boards are very similar to underfloor heating, but they take less floor space and are easier to install. Their price ranges from £200-£500 for a medium-sized room.

  • Floor Screeding Cost

If you are remodelling your home or business premises, you should consider paying for new floor screeding. Screed is a type of cement layered on the floor after an underfloor heating installation to quicken high-quality heat transfer. It usually costs around £300-£380 for an average size room.

There are several cost factors to consider before purchasing Karndean flooring.

1. Size of the floor

Perhaps, this is the most essential factor to take into consideration while choosing the luxury vinyl tile. This is because the more space there is, the more expensive it will be. For example, for an 8m² room, you should expect to spend between £200- £500, then £720- £1500 for a 15m² space, and £1000- £2250 for a 25m² room.

2. The type of Karndean flooring

With the different types of formats, designs and styles, their prices vary. For-example; Loose-lay Karndean flooring is considered to be the most expensive having its cost ranging from £450- £2250 while glue-down is cheaper as its price ranges from £30- £1750 and the rigid-core Karndean flooring ranges from £300- £2250.

3. Location of the property

The location of where the Karndean installation will be done will also affect the price the tradie is going to charge. This is because of the availability of some of the raw materials they may need. If you live in the countryside, expect to pay more since there will be limited access to floor fitters. Labour costs vary all over the UK, with most charging up to £220 per day.

4. Ease of access

The tradesmen can charge more if there is limited access to the floor being refurbished. For example, Karndean floor installation in the basement or attic will require more manual work of moving up and down the stairs; – therefore the labourer’s costs will increase due to the inconvenience.

5. Waste removal

When having the Karndean floor installed on an old floor, you have to consider the cost of waste removal. This is getting rid of the old floor professionally where they charge around £3- £5 per square metre. However, you can choose to tear the floor yourself, and it can cost up to £160 to hire a waste removal company.

Can I install the Karndean floor myself?

Well, this is an option, especially for DIY enthusiasts. However, it’s vital to note that having prior experience in installing floors should be an added advantage because of the complexity the process may present. Any newbie trying without any deep knowledge can end up paying more since there will be inevitable floor damage.

Remember, these costs are just estimates.

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