Bay windows are a great addition to any home - find out about bay window prices and the cost of installing them.
How much does a Bay Windows cost?
Average cost in UK: £1500
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The average cost for a Bay Windows is £1500. You are likely to spend between £800 and £5000 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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Bay windows have been a popular addition to homes since Victorian times when they first appeared in houses. They serve two purposes: allow more light into a room and they can make a room appear larger than it really is. Many bay windows also come with seating. Like all home renovations get together a few quotes to compare prices and then choose the one that best fits what you are after.

Whether you are replacing an existing bay window or renovating your home and adding bay windows the total cost will depend on the size of the window and the type of frame chosen. Wooden framed windows are a more expensive option than the cheaper uPVC framed windows. You should also consider the additional cost of having double glazing in the windows as this will lower your fuel bills by a significant amount.

Bay Window Price Summary

Price Range = £800 to £5,000

Average Cost = £1,500

Cheapest Price = £1,000

uPVC Bay Windows

A uPVC framed bay window will be the cheapest option available. They are low maintenance and won’t warp and come in a range of colours and wood grain effects. Many people prefer a wooden frame window but if the cost is holding you back from carrying out bay window replacement the uPVC frame is a good economic option – prices start at around £800.

Wooden bay window

A traditional timber framed bay window with a cushioned seat inside gives you a lovely outlook over gardens and fields. If you are in a financial position to have a traditional wooden bay window installed in your home, why don’t you? The value of your home will increase as well as the aesthetic beauty of the external facade.

Double glazing bay windows

The option to replace standard window glass with double glazing will increase the energy efficiency of your home and decrease draughts coming through older windows. The cost of bay window replacement in double glazing will be more expensive but you will save money on fuel bills.  The total replacement cost will depend on the rating of double glazing chosen.

Bay Window Replacement Cost

Traditional windows are more expensive than uPVC because the material is more costly. Prices for a replacement bay window start at about £1,000 per window, though prices will increase depending on the size.

Cost of Installing Bay Windows

The cost of installing a bay window is the price of the window plus what a window fitter or builder will charge you. Some bay window prices will include fitting so be sure to check what the price covers.

  • A 5 segment bay window, each pane 450  x 1350mm fully installed with security will cost £1913 from Tesco Windows

How much does a bay window cost?

  • A 4 segment bay window rating C 2400 x 1200mm window only is £604.18 from DIY uPVC Trade Windows

Bay window prices will depend on the number of segments, size of segments and fittings you choose

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