If your sash windows are a bit worse for wear, you may need to consider repairing, replacing or restoring them - find out here about sash window replacement, repair and restoration costs.
How much does a Replacement Sash Windows cost?
Average cost in UK: £500
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The average cost for a Replacement Sash Windows is £500. You are likely to spend between £20 and £3000 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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Cost Summary for Sash Window Replacement & Restoration

Price Range = £20 to £3,000

Average Cost = £500

Cheapest Price = £20

Sash windows are a beautiful edition to period properties, but they can requite a fair bit of maintenance. The time may come when you need to consider either sash window repairs, sash window restoration or possibly sash window replacement. To decide on the right course of action it is helpful to know the difference between these things, as well as the rough costs involved.

Sash Window Replacement Cost

Replacing the sash window is usually the most expensive option of the three. If you are on a budget opt for a uPVC window – whilst uPVC isn’t as attractive as wood, it is by far the cheapest replacement option. A small uPVC replacement window will cost around £300. For traditional wooden sash replacements, prices will come in around £500 to £3,000 depending on the size, quality and where in the UK you are sourcing them from.

Sash Window Restoration Cost

Restoring sash windows costs considerably more than repairing them as the work involved is often much more intensive. This could include dealing with rot, in which hunks of wood will have to be removed and replaced. Because of this, restoration jobs can cost from about £300 per sash window to around £1,000 per window.

Sash Window Repair

This is the cheapest option. Repairs are suitable for sash windows that are slightly damaged, but not to the extent that would require a full restoration job. Repairs can vary from applying wood filler to minimising draughts to fixing the pulley system. Prices can range from £20 to upwards of £150 per sash window that needs to be repaired.

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