Need your new windows professionally installed? Find out how much window installation costs with this price guide.
How much does a Window Installation cost?
Average cost in UK: £750
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The average cost for a Window Installation is £750. You are likely to spend between £300 and £3000 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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Window Installation Cost Summary:

Price Range = £300 to £3,000

Average Cost = £750

 Cheapest Price = £300

Window Installation Cost Breakdown

According to, you can expect to pay the below costs for window installation in addition to whatever the labour rate is charged at. Note, if the total cost is under £100 you may well have to pay a call out fee on top of your window installation cost.

  • uPVC window frames installation and fitting: £75 per frame
  • Softwood window frame installation and fitting: £75 per frame
  • Hardwood window frame installation and fitting: £85 per frame
  • Glazing: £25 per pane
  • Brick cut-outs: £60 per cut-out
  • New Lintels: £150 per lintel

Why Install New Windows?

Whilst the cost of installing new windows may discourage some people initially, it is worth considering the benefits that your new windows will bring your home:

  • Bills: according to the Energy Saving Trust, by swapping your old single-glazed windows with new B-rated double glazing windows, you could shave around £165 per year off your energy bills. And if double glazing is too expensive, consider secondary glazing, which is still estimated to save you £100 per year on bills.
  • Heat: newer windows tend to be more energy efficient and therefore will be better keeping the heat where it belongs, inside your house. This means that your home will stay warmer for longer, meaning less need for central heating.
  • Sound: in addition to keeping your house warm, your newer windows will help drown out outside noise such as traffic.
  • Environment: if you are worried about your carbon footprint, then installing new windows could be just the ticket. As you will consequently be using less fuel, you will be generating less of the carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming, on average saving 680kg of the stuff a year.

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