Converting or refurbishing your loft? Find out how much dormer windows cost with our price guide and advice.
How much does a Dormer Windows cost?
Average cost in UK: £925
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The average cost for a Dormer Windows Units is £925. You are likely to spend between £600 and £1250 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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Dormer windows are best suited for converted attic or loft rooms. Designed to act as a neater, more structurally sound ‘skylight’ that looks out onto the street below; dormer windows simultaneously offer improved lighting and ventilation while also creating extra head space by jutting out of the main property.

Dormer Windows Cost Summary:

Price Range = £600 to £1,250 (for the window and installation)

Average Cost = £925

Cheapest Price = around £600

Most window installers will automatically offer quotes based on double-glazed (rather than single-glazed) windows; but if their terms are unclear and you remain uncertain, don’t be afraid to ask! Obviously the cost of a double-glazed dormer will vary across the country, but for a typical dormer window installation you should aim to budget for the following prices:

  • Materials – £300 to £600 (this usually includes both the frame and outer casement of the entire unit, along with the glass pane itself)
  • Scaffolding – anywhere between £200 and £350 (and, unlike ground-floor window installation, completely necessary according to building regulations)
  • Labour – dormer window installation can usually be completed in a single day, but obviously the time the job takes will depend on how many windows you want fitted and/or how large the window space is. Most contractors charge around £100 to £150 per day for labour costs, so the final price shouldn’t be anything over £300.

The prices listed above are typically for flat-roofed dormer windows; if you would prefer a sloping or ‘pitched’ roof to add dimension and style to your attic renovation, then you should also add an additional £700 to £900 to the final cost.

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