Make your home super energy efficient by installing triple glazed windows. Our Triple Glazing Prices Guide helps you understand how much triple glazed windows cost.
How much does a Triple Glazed Windows cost?
Average cost in UK: £198
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The average cost for a Triple Glazed Windows is £198. You are likely to spend between £179 and £395 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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A triple glazed window has three panes of glass and two gas filled spaces acting as barriers to cold. The spaces are usually filled with argon to produce a thermally efficient barrier to cold and draughts. The windows are available in a range of sizes and styles from wooden frames or uPVC, depending on your choice. There are a variety of colours available and BriteLite Windows offer you six contemporary colours and finishes to choose from. These windows are guaranteed for 10 years so will have peace of mind when you have them fitted.

Triple glazing price summary

Price range = £179 to £395

Average cost = £198

Cheapest price = £179

Benefits of triple glazed windows compared to double glazed windows

  • 40% more efficient than ‘A’ rated double glazed windows

  • More noise reduction

  • Cheaper fuel bills

  • Smaller carbon footprint

  • Added value to your home

Triple glazing prices and cost guide

A triple glazed window will benefit your home in several ways. It makes your home more secure with a third pane of glass in each window and will keep all draughts out of your home in cold weather. If you live in a noisy metropolitan city like London, there will be a significant reduction in noise from the street being heard inside your home.

Many people are divided over the extra benefit of a triple glazed window over a double glazed window and the price difference between the two. Triple glazed windows double the price of ‘C’ rated double glazed windows and about 50% more than ‘A’ rated double glazed windows. You will need to determine if the cost for windows will be sufficiently replaced in lower fuel bills.

Cost of triple glazing

The triple glazing costs for your home will, of course, depend on the size and number of windows in your home.

Some window manufacturers have specials on triple glazing costs such as Ideal Window Solutions who have a special on any three triple glazed windows for £1720 compared to ‘A’ rated double glazing for £1495.

Price for triple glazing will ultimately depend on the size of the window. Some manufacturers include fitting and installation in the price of triple glazed windows.

Triple glazed windows cost more than standard windows as they have greater energy saving benefits, even over double glazed windows.

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