Double glazing can increase the value of your home, keep you warm and reduce your fuel bills - find out about double glazing prices and costs with our double glazing price guide.
How much do a Double Glazed Window Panels cost?
Average cost in UK: £90
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The average cost for a double glazed window panel is £90. You are likely to spend between £14 and £468 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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Why should you choose double glazing? The value of your home will increase and best of all it will save you money on heating and cooling your home during the year. A double glazed window has a small airspace between two panes of glass. This space acts as an insulating barrier that reduces loss of heat through the glass. By adding a gas to the space you will increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. For the best double glazing prices read on.

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Why install double glazing?

There are many benefits of installing double glazing in your home:

  • The Energy Saving Trust has discovered that when you install B-rated double glazed windows you will save up to £165 in fuel costs

  • You will reduce your carbon emissions by up to 680kg each year

  • Your home will be more secure

  • Your home will be quieter as noise from the street will be reduced

  • The installation of double glazed windows will boost the value of your property and should last 20 years

Double glazed unit and panel prices

A window unit is the sections of wall taken up by a single stretch of glass and may include from 2 to 15 individual pieces of glass. With all major purchases you need to shop around to get the best replacement double glazing costs.

For a rough idea of double glazing cost compared to single glazing costs:

  • A fully sealed and double glazed panel 200mm x 400mm is £22.50

  • A single pane of glass 4mm thick 200mm x 450mm is £14

Get more prices for double glazed units and panels.

Compare double glazing prices and costs per window

The double glazing cost will depend on the size and style of window you select. The most efficient double glazed window will cost more than a regular double glazed window of the same size and style. Another cost variation is in the type of window frames you choose for the replacement glass double glazing. A wooden window frame will cost more than uPVC, for example. As replacement double glazing costs can be high, most of our customers decide to gradually replace a few windows at a time.

An example of double glazing prices without installation costs:

  • Double glazed window 530mm x 780mm is around £275

  • Double glazed window 980mm x 1340mm is around £450

Compare more double glazing prices and costs per window.

Secondary double glazing prices and costs

With secondary glazing another pane of glass is placed on the inside of the window frame. This is the ideal solution for listed buildings where double glazing is not allowed. Secondary double glazing costs are substantially lower than standard double glazing costs and will still save you up to £100 off fuel bills.

Secondary glazing costs:

  • A uPVC horizontal sliding secondary glazing is between £80 to £150 per frame depending on size

  • A hinged aluminium secondary glazing is between £16 and £30 per frame depending on size

Get more information on secondary glazing prices.

Double glazed sash windows – prices and cost guide

If you love the look of sash windows but find them draughty, double glazing is the solution for you. A sash window has two vertically sliding panels and replacement glass double glazing is more costly but also more energy efficient.

For example:

  • A 600mm x 1000mm white uPVC, double glazed sash window costs around £167
  • A 600mm x 1000mm timber double glazed sash window costs £209

Find out more about double glazed sash window prices.

Wooden double glazing window prices and costs

The look of wooden window frames is attractive, durable and naturally insulating for your home. They are more costly than uPVC but the finish is much more attractive.

For example:

  • An oak framed double glazed window 750mm x 850mm is £111

  • An oak framed double glazed window 1400mm x 1600mm is £468

Get more information about wooden double glazed window prices.

How to find cheap or discounted double glazed windows

Replacement double glazing costs can be high; however you can find discounted prices and less expensive double glazed windows by following these three tips:

  • Always choose a local installer, travel distances are shorter

  • Look for showroom discounts

  • Consider trade-price options

Get more tips on how to find cheap or discounted double glazed windows here.

How to get free double glazing quotes online

Whenever you are considering any home improvements it is recommended that you get three quotes for comparison. Many companies installing double glazing offer an online quoting form. All you need to do is to provide the following information about your windows:

  • Style of window you want installed such as regular, sash or bay windows

  • Number of windows you want installed

  • The size of the windows

  • The type of frame such as wooden, aluminium or uPVC

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