Double glazing windows involve installing two or more layers of glass with argon gas in between the panes. A double-glazed window offers much better insulation than a single pane, and can significantly improve energy efficiency in your home. Are you looking to replace your windows? Find out more about prices for replacement double glazed units, including sealed units and panels, and replacement glass.

How Much Do Double Glazed Units cost?

Average cost in UK: £250
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The average cost for a Double Glazed Unit is £225. You are likely to spend between £115 and £300 in total.
The exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

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Replacement Double Glazing Panels Cost
Average cost in UK: £250
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The average cost for a Double Glazed Units is £225. You are likely to spend between £115 and £300 in total. The exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Replacement Double Glazed Glass Only Prices

Misted windows are a common issue with double-glazed glass panes. When moisture gets trapped between the panes, it causes the window to become foggy or frosty. This happens when the double glazing has not been sealed and insulated correctly, leading to heat loss and higher energy bills. Replacing a failed or blown unit can prevent this from happening and save you money in the long run.

If you have a few windows in your property that needs fixing, it would be worth hiring a professional to replace them. The section below provides an overview of the cost of replacing misted double glazing units.

Double Glazing Cost

The cost of double-glazed windows is bound to vary from supplier to supplier.  However, the following table lists some estimated prices for different sized, fully-sealed – i.e. air-tight and moisture-proof – double-glazed window units:

Price Range = £115 to £300
Average Cost = £250
Cheapest Price = £115

Type and size of Window
Average Cost (+ Vat)
Small single-glazed fixed sash window
Small single-glazed opener sash window
Standard double-glazed bay fixed window
Standard double-glazed bay opener window

On average, replacement double glazed units price in the UK is £250. The price for each panel usually falls within the range of £225 -£275. Before requesting a quote, identify whether any other windows in your home are beginning to show signs of mist. If there are a couple, none of your units may have been installed correctly. You may be able to get a discount from window replacement companies if you need to replace more than one window at the same time.

double glazed glass prices

Double Glazing Window Prices

The cost of double glazed windows can be considerably less than many people expect.  There are numerous factors to take into account when working out the cost of double glazing, but one way to make sure that you are receiving top value for money with regard to double glazed window prices is to  only request a double glazing quote from genuine, recommended professionals.

Check to See If Your Windows Are Still Under Warranty

Review your double glazing paperwork before contacting an expert for a quote. Your windows may still be covered by the warranty, which means you could get them replaced for free if they’re defective. A majority of installers provide warranty periods that span multiple years, so it definitely worth taking a look.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Replacement Double Glazed Panels

One of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of your property is to replace any failed or blow units. This isn’t just a question of aesthetics, it’s essential in order to keep your home or office running at its best. A professional window fitter will assess the cost of replacing misted double glazing units, with all of the following information:

The size and type of window unit

Larger windows, like double-glazed bay opener windows, will cost more to replace (typically £300 and £140 respectively) than smaller fixed single-glazed sash windows.

The age of the window unit

Older windows will often have failed putty seals which will need to be replaced along with the glass, adding to the overall cost.

The condition of the frame

If the frame itself is in good condition, then it may be possible to reuse it when installing the new window unit. If the frame is damaged, then it will need to be replaced as well, which will add to the cost.

The type of glass

There are different types of glass available for double glazing units, from clear float glass to low-E (low emissivity) glass. The type of glass you choose will affect the cost, with low-E glass being the most expensive option.

The number of units

The more units you need to replace, the higher the cost will be.

The location of the property

If the property is in a difficult-to-reach location, then this will add to the cost of replacing the units as the fitter will need to take this into account when quoting for the job.

Get in touch with us today for a free quote on replacing your failed or blow double glazing units. We’ll take all of the above factors into account and give you a competitive price that includes everything from supply to installation.

Double Glazing Benefits

In addition to being cost-effective, replacing the glass in your windows can provide other benefits for your home.

Save energy

By installing energy efficient double glazing panes, you won’t only make your home look nicer, but you can save money on heating costs. The effectiveness of your windows in preserving energy relies on their Windows Efficiency Rating.

Reduces noise pollution

Most people are aware that double glazing can provide energy efficiency and noise reduction. If your windows or seals aren’t functioning properly, up to 75% of outside noise could be let in. By investing in replacement double glazing, you can help retain the peace you desire.

Home Improvement Saving

When you ask for an online double glazing quote, you are giving yourself the opportunity to benefit from all the best new and replacement window deals.  Many of our trusted traders will have access to the best double glazing prices and may have seasonal special offers, for example.

Window Maintenance

Once you have found out the details of how much to replace a double glazed window, you may realise that the maintenance of double glazed windows can be extremely cost effective.  Replacing windows as and when it is required will keep your home or business in a good state of repair and may save you money in the long run.

There are many benefits to ensuring that you obtain only the very best double glazing windows prices for new or replacement double glazing for your home or business. When you get a free double glazing online quote through us, you will be able to see the difference in the cost of double glazing windows compared to those offered by other companies and you may be pleasantly surprised.

The double glazing prices that you obtain can cover many aspects of replacement double glazed window units.  From your specially installed windows you may be able to gain benefits such as noise reduction, increased thermal comfort and greater energy efficiency for your residential or commercial property.

Our tradesmen will offer a range of double glazing window installer services, such as installing a secondary glazing layer, casement windows , tilt and turn windows, Georgian bar windows, thermal insulation, multi-point locking systems, plus they are likely to be knowledgeable about heat loss and WER label (Window Energy Rating) matters.

The benefits of looking into only the most competitive, reliable double glazing companies include:

  • Always be certain that you are being offered some of the most attractive double glazing prices available
  • Receive an excellent double glazing online quote from a trusted trader amongst a pool of genuine professionals
  • When it comes to your double glazing repair or replacement double glazing windows, you can relax knowing that your double glazed window fitter will use the most suitable materials for your home or business
  • Enjoy the fact that the double glazed windows cost will have been looked into and reviewed by other double glazed windows customers.

When you ask for an online double glazing quote, you are giving yourself the opportunity to benefit from all the best new and replacement window deals.  Many of our trusted traders will have access to the best double glazing prices and may have seasonal special offers, for example.

About Double Glazing Prices

The average double glazed windows cost can vary in accordance with a range of factors. The double glazing cost may relate to window units, which refer to the entire space in the wall of a room occupied by a single stretch of glass – that is, a normal ‘window’ area which includes a number of panes of glass built across a single frame.

These double glazing units can include anything from two to fifteen different panes.  However, if you want to upgrade to double glazing you can usually purchase the entire section by itself, rather than opting for a pane-by-pane double glazing windows price model – which will ultimately save you money.

Frequently Asked Questions On Replacing Misted Double Glazing

Can I replace a double glazing unit by myself?

Most cases of misted windows are due to incorrect installation of double-glazed units, which lets condensation collect between the panes. In order to stop this from happening again in the future, it is best to hire a professional to confirm that the job is done right.

Can you replace glass only in double glazing?

Replacement glass will not be necessary for replacing misted or cloudless double glazing. This is very easy and the windows are returned in pristine condition.

How long should double glazed sealed units last?

Units usually last between 15 to 20 years. Window facing north usually lasts for a few months. Usually, this happens when the adhesive holding a space bar or pane together is damaged because the space bar twists in response to temperature gradients.

Can misted double glazing units be repaired?

It’s caused by an opaque glass seal and this has no connection to its frame. If the frame is good, you can easily remove the glass units and re-install the frame.

Can I get a grant to replace my double glazing?

Although there is no official “double glazing grants” schemes, the Energy Company Obligation has been created to offer a double glazing upgrade.