Double glazed sash window cost for your home. Double glazed sash windows are similar in price to standard sash windows due to the rising popularity of this choice. If you are in the market for new sash windows, double glazing sash windows may be an ideal choice to consider. Double glazed windows provide better insulation than other types of windows, resulting in lowered energy costs. Furthermore, the two separate sheets of glass that are added can help reduce outside noise levels and provide a more comfortable environment indoors during harsh weather conditions.

The average cost of replacing old windows with double glazed sash windows starts at £1,300 per window.

The cost of double glazed windows is often worth the price as you are making your home more energy efficient and you are increasing the value of your home.

In this article, we will also learn about Sash window replacement costs by job type, such as sash window restoration cost, and the cost of repairing the cord on your sash windows.

How Much Does Replacing Sash Window Cost?

Average cost in UK: £1300
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The average cost to replace sash windows with double glazing starts at £1,300 per window. You are likely to spend between £1000 and £1500 in total. The exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

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How much does a Sash Windows cost?

Average cost in UK: £1300

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Sash Window Cost Estimates By Job Type

Sash windows can reinvigorate your home while saving you money on energy bills, but they are not typically the most affordable window type. If your sash windows require more than just a face-lift, replacement windows will serve you best; however, be sure to factor this cost into your budget before making any final decisions.

UPVC frames are usually guaranteed not to twist and warp and are low maintenance compared to timber framed sash windows. Timber windows can be stained, oiled, or painted in colours to suit your home and the finish will affect the price you pay. A raw timber window will be less expensive than a treated timber window but you will have to pay for paint or other products to do them yourself.

Sash window replacement costs vary based on the type of job. Check out our breakdown below to see how much your project might cost:

Type of repair/replacement
Range Low – High Cost
Average Cost
Cost of replacing a sash window
Cost of replacing a sash window with double glazing
Sash window restoration cost
£80 – £488
Sash window cord repair cost (replacement)
£120 – £160
Cost of draught proofing sash windows
£200 – £400
double glazed sash window cost

Sash Window Restoration Costs

Sash window restoration can often be the most cost-effective option for homeowners looking to improve the condition of their windows. Unlike replacements, which require additional costs such as new frames and hardware, restoring existing sash windows can help extend the lifespan of these traditional designs while providing a fresh and stylish look. Refurbishing your sash windows every ten years or so can be a cost-effective solution that will also help preserve their value and character – making them a wise investment in the long run.

The price of sash window restoration ranges and hinges on the condition of your windows, the size of the job, etc.

The median sash window restoration cost is £284.

It’s important to remember that sash windows are designed to last many decades, so investing in regular maintenance rather than complete replacements will help you keep costs down over time.

Sash Window Cord Replacement Cost

Sash window cord replacement is an ideal way to keep your windows in pristine condition if the only damaged part is the sash cord. Replacing the sash cord completely is a much better option than attempting to repair it, as repairing it will likely be ineffective and far more costly in the long run. Additionally, replacing the sash cord provides a longer-lasting solution, ensuring that your windows continue to look great for years to come.

The average cost for a replacement sash window cord repair is £140.

Reasons To Replace Your Sash Windows

When it comes to sash windows, replacing them is often the only option if they are too damaged. This is because these windows are not designed to last forever and can become worn down over time due to long-term exposure to weather elements such as rain, wind, and sunlight. Not only can this cause unsightly damage to the aesthetics of your home, but it can also compromise the functionality of the window, allowing draughts and moisture to creep in.

For those looking to improve the energy efficiency of their home, replacement sash windows are an ideal solution. This is because modern sash windows come with a number of features including double glazing and insulation that help to trap heat in the home and keep out draughts. This can significantly reduce energy bills as well as make your home more comfortable during winter months.

Another reason to replace sash windows is if you’re looking to update the look of your home. While they were popular in older homes, modern sash windows come in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing you to easily update the look of your property without having to replace all of the windows. In addition, sash windows can also help reduce outdoor noise pollution, making them ideal for homes in populated areas.

Finally, if you’re looking for improved security measures for your home, sash windows are the perfect choice for you. Modern sash windows come with a variety of different locking mechanisms that help to make your home more secure, allowing you to rest assured knowing that you and your family are safe from potential intruders.

What Affects the Cost of Sash Window Replacement?

Below are a few of the pricing factors you’ll need to keep in mind when budgeting for your new sash windows:

Materials Used

The prices for timber, uPVC, and aluminium windows can vary greatly. Typically, timber is the most expensive type of window, while uPVC is generally the cheapest.

How Much Do uPVC Sash Windows Cost?

A uPVC sash window prices are a less expensive option than a timber framed sash window and will last many years with little maintenance. Prices are determined by the size and glazing chosen.

A uPVC casement window cost will depend on the size but these are perfect for garages and garden sheds and start at around £250.

How Much Do Wooden Sash Windows Cost?

Timber sash window prices are more expensive than uPVC and a lot of people prefer the look of a traditional timber frame. You may not need to have the entire frame replaced as the timber can often be repaired or restored.

Repair or restoration can cost anywhere from £100 to £1,000 depending on the size.

Replacement timber frame windows can cost from £550 to £1200.

How Much Do Box Sash Windows Cost?

Box sash window prices are more expensive again as there is more detail and work in each window. Prices start from £600 to more than £1300 depending on the size needed.

Type of glazing

The number of layers of glass in your window (single, double, or triple glazing) will affect the price tag of replacing sash windows. Although single glazed windows are more budget-friendly, they don’t insulate as well as double or triple-pane windows.

Number of windows

The number of windows you need to be replaced will directly affect the amount you pay for both materials and labour.


Difficult-to-reach windows will lead to longer labor hours and increased costs.


The price a tradesperson charge is also lower or higher depending on the area they live in. More expensive areas, such as London and the South East have increased rates due to the cost of living being significantly higher than in other parts of the UK.

Ways to Get Cheap Sash Windows

  • To make your replacement windows less expensive consider having your current windows restored or repaired instead of replaced
  • Always get at least 3 quotes from window suppliers and fitters and compare costs
  • Check out recycling centres for second hand cheap wooden sash windows

Sash Window Price Summary

Price Range = £1000 to £1,500
Average Cost = £1300
Cheapest Price = £1000

New sash window prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, on the size of the sash window, glazing chosen and frame material chosen. We hope this handy cost guide will give you a general idea of how much sash windows will cost you. The style and period of your house will determine whether you can choose uPVC windows or need to stay with a more traditional timber frame.

FAQs on Cost of Replacing Sash Windows

Are sash windows more expensive?

While a modern sash window comes with a heftier price tag than your typical window, it is made of higher quality materials (uPVC or wood) and designed to last much longer, making it worth the investment.

Can I reduce draughts and heat loss from my sash windows without replacing them?

A few tips to follow if you want to reduce heat loss from your windows, until you have the budget to replace them:

  • Draught-proofing: A great and affordable way to get rid of cold draughts, with an average cost of only £300.
  • By installing blinds or curtains, you create another layer of defense against drafts. Heavier-duty or thermal curtains are especially good for this purpose.
  • Every 10 years or so, sash windows need to be restored in order to restore proper function and prevent draughts and leaks.
  • Adding secondary glazing can be a cheaper alternative to new, double glazed sash windows, and it can still reduce draughts and heat loss in your home.

Can I replace the sash windows myself?

It depends on the type of sash window. Some windows can be replaced by taking out the screws holding the window in place and removing the old window. New windows can then be inserted and screwed back into place. Other types of sash windows may require a professional to replace them. It is important to determine the type of window before attempting a DIY replacement.

Sash windows can be delicate, so unless you are experienced, it is always best to ask for help. Depending on the size and age of your window frame, some sections might need to be exchanged or mended. Professional installers will guarantee that your sash windows are correctly fitted so they look great, function properly, and last for years.

What Are Some Alternatives to Sash Windows?

Although sash windows offer plenty of advantages, other types of windows might better suit your needs. Therefore, it would be beneficial to research all window options before making any firm decisions.

Some more common sash window alternatives are :

  • Sliding
  • Dormer
  • Bi-fold
  • Tilt and turn
  • Casement