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Pest Control Prices and Cost Guide | How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

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Do you have a pest problem in your property? Then find out how much pest control costs here - our guide shows the latest pest control prices for rats, mice, wasps, moles, bedbugs, cockroaches, squirrels and more.


Pests can invade your home and property and cause considerable damage to your property as well as adding stress to your life that you don’t need. So if you do have a pest problem, call in the professionals to deal with it straight away. Find out how much pest control costs.


Common household pests

Here’s a list of the most common household and garden pests to watch out for:

  • Rodents – Rats and mice can cause damage to walls, floors, wiring and carry parasites and diseases
  • Bedbugs – Small and flat and can fit in the tiniest gaps. Hard to eradicate and they feed on blood
  • Wasps, bees and hornets – They are hard to identify specific species and guidelines must be followed especially for bees. Wasps and hornets can be aggressive and professional nest removal is recommended.
  • Cockroaches – Very common and carry disease. Keep your home and yard tidy and free from rubbish.
  • Ants – Can be easily removed with a quality powder product
  • Moles – Moles will damage gardens and will be humanely removed with traps
  • Squirrels – They can cause significant damage to woodwork, pipes and insulation as well as wiring.

How much does pest control cost?

The average pest control price will depend on where you live, the type of pest and the numbers of the invading pests:

  • Wasp control-£45 to £55 per nest and costs £41 or £17 if you receive a benefit
  • Bedbug treatment-£52 to £75 for a one off treatment
  • Ant control-£55 for a one off treatment
  • Flea control-depends on size of home. Two bedroom home £75, three bedroom £85, four bedroom £100
  • Cockroach treatment-from £150 for a full treatment and three visits
  • Pulse Pest Control prices start at £75 for two visits
  • Mole treatment-from £90 depending on number of mole hills found
  • Squirrel control-£57 to £129, minimum of three visits and roofline survey

Just remember that the cost of pest control will depend on some variables such as:

  • Location
  • The pest
  • Size of infestation
  • Number of visits to remove pests
  • Size of property
  • Which company you choose

Low cost pest control

Your local council may have cheaper or free pest control for certain household pests. Under the Prevention of Damage by Pets Act 1949, every council is obliged to control any rodent populations. Check to see if your council provides any controls or advice. To avoid or lower your pest control costs follow these tips:

  • Keep rubbish bins secure with closed lids to prevent pests from looking for a food source
  • Block any gaps in fences and holes in walls to stop pests accessing your land and home

Get more low cost pest control tips.


Pest control prices in London – a sample

Large cities like London can be more susceptible to pest problems and unfortunately, like most things in London, the cost of pest control will also be higher than it is in the rest of the country. London pest control services will also vary in price depending on what area of the city you live in, private companies will likely charge more than council pest control services like these:


Camden Council pest control

  • Rats and mice eradication starts at £103.15
  • Cockroaches £86.81
  • Fleas from £77.62

Ealing council pest control

  • Rats £75 and mice £103
  • Cockroaches £125
  • Fleas £105

Newham Council pest control

  • Rats free and mice £110
  • Cockroaches £110
  • Fleas £90

Get more London pest control prices.


Hiring a pest control professional

You may be tempted to carry out pest control yourself but it is safer and more humane to allow the professionals to do it for you. A qualified pest control specialist will correctly identify and remove the pests from your property. Always get at least three quotes and get a free inspection before you decide. Make sure the pest controller is insured as well as qualified. You can check the National pest Technicians Association (NPTA) or the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).

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