Astounding upcycling

The world of upcycling never ceases to amaze! Here's round one of our favourite astounding upcycling projects!

1. That’s what I call a piano bar!

This one would be almost painful to see for a music fan, but you can’t help but admire the sheer art of this piece!

We just need a jukebox and some classic jazz…


3. Drums and drums!

Anyone who’s heard a Carribbean steel drum will know the kind of sound a kit like this is capable of, and this bloke’s crafted it from recycled cannisters and drums!

I’m sure that oil drum will give him a slick sound!


5. That’s a lot of pop!

This rainbow-coloured path was made entirely from recycled plastic bottles!

It’s definitely an artistic way to recycle, but to get the orange and yellow bottles you’d need someone who enjoys tropical fizzy pop. Good luck with that…


7. Action figures are always cool!

This is a fantastic little DIY project. All it takes is glue, paint and a childhood’s worth of action figures.


9. What to do when your plate cupboard collapses…

I honestly can’t tell if this was an ingenious way to recycle broken plates, or if the artist had to smash perfectly good plates to make it.

So, would that be downcycling for upcycling?


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