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Review: The Best Products for Blown Window Repair in the UK in 2022


Glazed windows are a worthy investment for your home. They block outside noise, keep your home warm and enhance your house’s energy efficiency, thus saving you money.

People are likely to ignore a misted window until it’s too late and needs to be replaced. Even if a seal in a double-glazed window is broken, it can cause a blown window. Therefore your home must remain dry.  

There are different factors to consider before deciding whether to repair your blown window or replace it. They include:

  1. The type of glass

There are three different types of glass on a double-glazed window. These are:

  • Safety glass
  • Enhanced glass
  • Low-energy glass.
  1. The exact cause?
  • Is the misted glass due to a broken seal?
  • Is it too old? For instance, has your window serviced you for more than 10-15 years?

In this guide, we’ll look at the repair cost of a blown window in the UK and if it’s possible to do a DIY.

Blown Window Repair Cost in The UK

The repair price varies according to location and the extent of the damage. However, the standard cost ranges from £100 for a small window, £200 for a medium window, and £300 for a large window.

These prices do not include the labour cost of the tradesperson and the transport cost of the windows. Depending on the job’s complexity, a professional can take from 45 minutes to a day and they will charge between £300 – £750 depending on your house and the job description.

As not all misted windows require replacement unless they are too old, smashed or cracked, you may be able to repair them on your own using various tools. A DIY job can save you the cost of hiring a tradesperson and other additional charges that come with window replacement.

The Best DIY Blown Window Repair And Cleaning Tools

Repairing double glazed windows by yourself can be a daunting task. In addition, grime and dirt build-up can cause the window seal to break, hence letting in moisture into the thermal space of the windows, which can cause condensation and mist. Carrying out a DIY window repair requires knowledge as any slight mistake during the measurement can cause continuous leaking of cold air or outside noise.

Below are some of the must-have tools, especially if your home has glazed windows, because of the higher risk of their becoming condensed or misted.

  1. Misting Repair Kit

The condensation2clear.com is a DIY kit that helps you repair the window panes.


  • The kit helps to remove mist, fog or condensation.
  • It saves you money from having to replace the window.
  • If you have wooden frames, you can use the kit to drill holes.


  • It’s not suitable for toughened glass (glass with kitemarks at the corners).

Tyroler Magnetic Window Cleaner

This Cleaner includes a ring that you can fit on your finger for safety reasons as you work with it. In addition, it squeezes water out of the window, making the glass as translucent as possible.


  • It’s a consistent tool making it a good investment.
  • It comes with two washable microfibre cloths.
  • It has a safety ring that helps in preventing accidents like slipping.
  • The reviews highly applaud the brand for its reliability.


  • It is costly

Baffect Magnetic Window Cleaner

This Tool has five different variants representing the distance between the windows you should clean. Each of the dimensions represents the type of window you should clean, which includes: 15-26mm, 18-30mm, 4-30mm, 3-8mm, 8-15mm.  For example, the 15-26mm Tool is suitable for double-glazed windows, while 3-8mm is suitable for single-glazed windows.

For this reason, the price varies from £18 to £36. Moreover, it’s a highly recommended tool for people who want total control during window cleaning sessions.


  • It has a unique and modern triangular design that cleans the hard-to-reach spaces.
  • It has an in-built water storage sponge that avoids water replenishment every time during use.
  • It clears any condensation, mist or fog.
  • It has a safe anti-falling rope that helps you clean with the tool securely.


  • They are not suitable for triple-glazed windows.

KOKITEA Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner

The KOKITEA double-sided magnetic window cleaner has a triangular design that enables you to suck the air between the glass during cleaning to avoid mist appearing.

In addition, it has a feature that allows you to change the magnetic strength of the cleaner. This enables you to use the cleaning tool on designs with different sizes on the panes.


  • You can use it on windows of different sizes.
  • It can clean hard-to-reach corners.
  • It has six sponges that take in all water and moisture.
  • It’s labour-saving as it has a strong absorption force.


  • It’s not suitable to use when in a hurry as the magnetic response when moving will cause it to fall repeatedly from the window. This can cause the cleaning tool to break or cause the magnet to be weaker.

Charminer Double-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaning Brush

The Charminer double-sided window cleaning brush has a very absorbent sponge, which helps to absorb all moisture from your window, preventing any foggy appearance.


  • Its design helps you in retracting moisture from the corners of your windows.
  • It has 2m safety cords that you can attach to your wrist, preventing it from falling.
  • The large handle on the cleaner makes it easy to navigate on both sides while cleaning.


  • The magnetic grip on the brush is either too weak, losing the connection between the brush and the window, or too hard, making it difficult to move the brush while cleaning.

In summary, it’s possible to prevent blown windows by ensuring that your windows are clean and free from excess moisture. In addition, using the right tools will help maintain your windows.

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