Need to install a new roof? Then get the latest roofing costs and prices here, including roof tile prices, flat roof cost and zinc roof cost.

Average Roof Cost

Roof prices will vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • How big your roof is
  • Whether you have a pitched or flat roof
  • Scaffolding hire costs
  • What type of roofing materials you choose
  • Who you hire to carry out the roof work – always find a qualified, local roofer
  • Whether you require additional roof work, such as fascia and soffit installation

Here’s a guide to roofing prices:

Roofing Service
Average Cost
Hiring a roofer for a day
Tiling a new roof (materials & labour)
Installing a three-layer felt roof
Roof repair costs
Replacing missing or broken roof tiles
Repairing a leaking roof
Rebuilding a chimney
£2,100 - £2,680

Roofing Material Costs

Roofing costs will largely depend on which materials you use, here’s an idea of how much the most common roofing materials cost; prices include VAT:

  • Slate roof tiles cost between £1.25 and £5.39 per tile
  • Concrete roof tiles cost between £0.41 and £2.88 per tile
  • Clay roof tiles cost between £0.47 and £1.80 per tile

Get more information on roof tile prices.

How Much Does Zinc Roofing Cost?

Zinc roofing is a popular choice, especially for commercial or industrial buildings because it’s a cost-effective material which lasts around 100 years. Zinc is also lighter than some other materials like lead and as well as being weather resistant, it naturally develops its own protective layer when exposed to the elements. Prices will vary depending on where you source your zinc roofing from:

  • Metal/Zinc roofing costs between £5.58 and £8.85 per metre

How Much Do Flat Roofs Cost?

Flat roofs will vary from pitched roofs in price as they are usually made from different materials. Flat roofs are normally constructed from layers of either built-up felt or modern, waterproof materials like rubber.

  • Installing a 10ft x 10ft flat roof will cost between £1,040 and £2,010, depending on whether you want to include roof insulation and new fascias and soffits.

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