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How Much Does It Cost To Install And Run Underfloor Heating?

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Underfloor heating is becoming a popular choice in all kinds of homes - but how much does underfloor heating actually cost?


Many people love the idea of having stylish, discreet underfloor heating in their home but may be concerned that it would be too expensive.  Shop around and this does not have to be the case.  So, how much does underfloor heating cost to install and in addition what is the running cost of underfloor heating?  We explore some of the underfloor heating cost issues in our look at this popular form of modern heating.



Under Floor Heating Cost and Benefits

Some people wonder ‘how much does underfloor heating cost to install’ and try to examine the cost of underfloor heating vs. radiators. However, initially it makes more sense to look at where  underfloor heating will be most beneficial and therefore where the underfloor heating cost will have more value.

Underfloor heating is particularly popular in modern bathrooms, where it can help to create a cosy experience and conservatories, where you don’t necessarily want radiators to spoil the overall look, but do want warmth in winter.

The underfloor heating installation cost is normally lower in a new build as it is easier than installing it in an existing building, where old radiator systems have to be removed and additional flooring work is necessary. There are two different underfloor heating systems available, electrical and water fed, so you should seek advice as to which one would suit you best.

So, how much does under floor heating cost with a water-fed or electrical system?

How much does electric underfloor heating cost to install? – The electric underfloor heating installation cost varies, but generally you may pay anywhere between £295 -£495 for the model, plus £150 – £225 for labour.

How much does it cost to install water underfloor heating ?  Underfloor heating prices for a water-fed system will also vary depending on your contractor, but expect to pay around £595-795 for the model, as well as £300-900 for labour charges.



Costs for installing underfloor heating in a new-built house

If underfloor heating is to be installed in a new built house, the system can be integrated into your plumbing and flooring plans. The cost of underfloor heating in new houses, however, depends largely on the size of the house and whether you choose to install a water-fed or electric underfloor heating system. Electric systems are normally cheaper to install as they don’t require extensive trenches or pipe work, however, it is important to compare prices. Electrical systems may have higher running costs depending on the type of fuel you use to power water-fed systems – using a heat pump is common. For new built houses it is usually best to have a warm water system installed, which will cost around £10,000-£12,000 including installation and materials but will provide you with the lowest underfloor heating cost in the long term.



Costs for installing underfloor heating in an existing house

In existing houses the installation of underfloor heating is more expensive, as existing radiator systems have to be removed and, if not suitable for underfloor heating, the boiler has to be changed. Underfloor heating costs can be lower than radiator heating costs; therefore it might still be a good idea to have underfloor heating installed. Usually, electrical systems for underfloor heating cost less than warm water systems, as no extensive flooring work is required for installation. Additionally, these systems may be the best choice if only a single bathroom or only the basement is going to be fitted with underfloor heating, while other rooms will be heated by radiators. Combining radiators and underfloor heating with one single boiler may require additional controllers that will cost extra.

Systems with electrical underfloor heating cost around £9,000 – £10,000 for the same size as the warm water systems quoted above. For individual prices and for assistance with the choice between different systems it is best to consult a plumber.



Underfloor heating running costs

The cost of running underfloor heating  is usually less than that of using radiators as the heat will be distributed evenly across the room. Therefore, when using the same type of boiler and fuel, running costs for underfloor heating are lower than those for radiator systems. Also, underfloor heating costs less in the long term as it requires less maintenance than a radiator system. Installing insulation boards underneath the heating and choosing a less insulating flooring like thick carpet will reduce running costs for underfloor heating too.



Request an Underfloor Heating Cost Estimate

As with any skilled installation, for best results and value, it’s important to hire a plumber or underfloor heating specialist to install your system for you.  Use our network of trusted tradesmen to obtain up to for quotes relating to underfloor heating costs.

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