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House Painting Cost Guide – Exterior, Interior, Etc.

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Are you wondering how much it will cost to paint your house? Our cost guide will help you determine the various costs and prices involved with things like interior house painting, exterior home painting, and more.


A new coat of paint can transform any property and also help protect, seal and weatherproof surfaces. However, before applying paint you need to make sure that surfaces are smooth and even, this means any holes, dents, bumps or scratches need to be covered with plaster before applying a new coat of paint. Plastering can be a deceptively tricky task so it’s a good idea to hire a professional plasterer – particularly for more dangerous exterior rendering projects.


Exterior Wall Rendering Costs

Rendering is essential for sealing and weatherproofing the exterior of any property. The cost of rendering an exterior wall will vary depending on its size and the extent of the work needed. According to one rendering company in UK:

  • It costs £25 per metre squared to have a pro-clear render coating applied to exterior walls
  • It costs £85 per metre squared to have an eco-wall render coating applied to exterior walls

Find out more about the cost of rendering an exterior wall.


Interior Plastering Prices

The cost of plastering will vary depending on what type of plaster you use, whether you hire a professional plasterer and how big the room is. To give a rough idea, here are some example plastering costs:

  • It costs on average  £214 to have a ceiling plastered
  • It costs on average £333 to have a room plastered

Get more plastering prices.


Average Cost to Paint a House

Calculating the cost of painting a house is a difficult task since it depends on so many factors, including:

There are some ways you can estimate how much it will cost to paint a house though, by looking at the factors below.


Interior House Painting Costs

There are many different types and brands of paint to choose from which will influence the cost to paint a house interior. Here’s a price comparison of some of the most popular types of paints and different paint brands in the UK:

Get more prices for different paint types and brands.


Cost of Painting a Room

Again, average costs for painting a room will depend on who you hire, the size of the room and what type of paint you choose. To give an idea, here are some average prices for having two coats of white gloss paint applied by a professional painter:

Get more costs for painting a room.


Exterior House Painting Costs

Exterior house painting cost can be slightly more than interior painting prices. This is usually because of accessibility; it’s likely that you’ll need to hire a professional to carry out external painting safely and efficiently. Depending on the size of your property, they will likely use ladders or even scaffolding to complete your external painting project.  Consult a professional painter for the cost of painting outside of house.

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