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UK Swimming Pool Installation Prices and Costs


Until recently, UK and swimming pools did not go together in the same sentence. This is because the weather is not usually warm enough for an unheated back garden pool.

In this guide, we shall discuss the cost of installing an indoor pool, outdoor pool, other additional fees, factors to consider having a pool installed in your garden and how to maintain a pool.

How much does installing a swimming pool cost?

The average cost in the UK:

Technically, the average cost of a well-done swimming pool costs around £15,000 for an in-ground liner. In contrast a classier pool, a mosaic-tiled concrete pool, can be as low as £25,000. Another option is to have a DIY pool that will cost slightly less than a professionally done pool. If you do not mind a paddling pool style, this would be ideal. It would not be as aesthetic as the ones shown on television or in magazines, though it would satisfy your desire of owning one at a low cost.

Regardless of your choice, laying a good foundation is necessary to increase your property value and the longevity of the pool without constant minor repairs. Below is a compilation of various types of pools highlighting the different costs of installation.

Swimming pool type

Above ground

Estimated cost

Large concrete pool with mosaic tiles


Mid-size concrete pool with mosaic tiles


Mid-size fibreglass pool


Small pool and liner


Small above ground kit

£1000 to £3000


Swimming pool type

Estimated cost

Large stainless steel pool


Mid-sized stainless pool


Large overflow pool


Large fibreglass pool


Mid-size overflow pool


Owning a pool in the UK might be a strange phenomenon and the domain of the celebrity and the rich. However, it is also possible for anyone to own one. Having a good idea of the structure and plan can be a great start.

Additional costs

It’s important to note that installing a pool is much more than the structure. Surrounding beauty has a lot to add to the feel of owning a pool. It’s not advisable to build your pool near a grassy area, because the surrounding pool frame will be more likely to be dirty from mud, grass residue, and crawling insects. Instead, you can install a patio, the cost of which will range from £2,000 or have a deck with price ranges from £10,000 to £15,000.

You may also choose to have purification plants around you including; chlorination plants like Deep Green Ivy, Carolina Jessamine, and Creeping Rosemary. If this idea does not appeal to you, you have the option of installing other purification systems like electrolysis, salt and UV or filtration plants like diatomaceous earth filter, cartridge filter and sand filter. They all depend on the type of pool with their prices ranging from £50 and £200 to purchase.

You can also expect to pay up to £10 per day throughout the year for pumping, heating and treatment.

The two main types of pools have varying costs because of the complexity of the job, laws regulating pool installation and the home location. Below, we shall compare the costs and maintenance between indoor pools and outdoor pools.

Indoor pools

No two pools are alike because of personal preference, unlike outdoor pools with similar designs and shapes. Therefore the prices may vary, but the standard professionally done pool starts from £125,000 inclusive of VAT. These are also called skimmer pools with a standard specification of (10m x 5m x 1.4m) while deck pools cost an additional £20,000 approximately.

Generally, the standard indoor pools are fully equipped with:

  • A standard filtration system.
  • A ventilation and heat system.
  • An automatic pool cover.
  • Glass mosaic pool tiles at £50 per square metre.
  • Mid-range white LED swimming pool tiles.
  • ABS white pool shell fittings and skimmers.

The installation also requires UK planning permission and building regulations. This is because the installation may disrupt the building’s foundation during excavation and may threaten to loosen the soil leaving the building vulnerable to collapsing. In addition, you must adhere to all the construction regulations pertaining to drainage, plumbing and electrical connections.

The cost of maintaining and cleaning an indoor pool

There’s no doubt owning a pool is an excellent investment for yourself and your home, but it comes with many responsibilities. Below are some of the costs you should expect to incur for its maintenance.

  • Swimming pool chemicals

To ensure you are operating a clean pool, it is required that you purchase some swimming pool chemicals to keep the water skin-friendly and clean. There are dip strips that cost a few pounds each, though for greater accuracy on the chemical levels, there is a digital tester that goes from £50 – £200. An average-sized pool will use up to £300.

  • Cleaning

You may opt to do it yourself, but most people prefer using a pool technician as the process can be labour intensive. They will clean and service your pool including, checking the level of the chemicals in your water. Depending on your area, the price may go beyond £75. You may choose to have the cleaning done weekly, every fortnight or monthly depending on how often it requires to be deep cleaned.

  • Heating costs

If you opt for a heated indoor pool, you must constantly monitor the system as they can run out of gas, oil or electricity. If you are using electricity to keep the water warm expect to use 1kW-5kW depending on the size and how long you shall have it run

Outdoor pools

There are two types of outdoor pools:

1. Outdoor above-ground pools

If you are looking for simplicity, this above-ground product may work best for you. They are cheap to install and maintain. For a 12ft by 24ft pool, it may cost you approximately £2,500.

 2.Outdoor In-ground pool

It’s the traditional pool that has a well-manicured lawn at the extreme end and a patio surrounding it on which you can seamlessly walk around before taking the plunge in. For a simple in-ground liner, it can cost around £3,000 – £15,000 while a well-concreted pool will go for about £10,000 – £30,000. However, if you’d want to explore your DIY skills and opt to erect one, the cost will be £5,000 to purchase the self-build starter kit excluding other additional costs like excavation, labour and proper drainage.

The cost of maintaining and cleaning an outdoor pool

  • Filtration and plant requirements

Running a natural outdoor pool requires high maintenance because of how exposed they are. To keep the plants alive and maintain the filter, it can cost up to £53 monthly.

  • Purchasing safety covers

This is an important feature, especially for an outdoor pool. Not only do they keep dirt away and reduce cleaning costs, but they also prevent accidents in the pool. Great covers are known to range from £10,000.

  • Opening and closing costs

During winter, pools are best disconnected from the heater pumps and chemical feeders. When reconnecting during summer, it may involve cleaning and refilling the water with chemicals. This may cost up to £150 excluding chemicals.

  • Repair costs

You may want to set aside an emergency budget for the pool in case of repairs for filter replacement, broken tiles or other unpredictable costs.

In conclusion, use the right tradesmen in installing the swimming pool. This will ensure you are working with reliable and trusted people. Secondly, hiring contractors who are certified will give you a warranty insurance cover to protect you from abandonment without project completion. Professionally installed pools are great features for any British home.

All prices are estimates only.

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