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Suspended Ceiling Prices and Costs

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Suspended ceilings are great for offices but can also be used in the home - find out the latest suspended ceiling prices and costs here.


Suspended Ceiling Price Summary

Price Range = £8.41 to £20.00 per m²

Average Cost = £12.73 per m²

Cheapest Price = £8.41 per m²


Suspended ceilings may seem like a great choice but in fact they provide a lightweight means of providing additional lighting or streamlining space. Suspended ceilings are actually proving more and more popular, in both commercial and industrial properties but also with domestic homeowners who live in large, modern properties that are obscurely shaped or interestingly designed to accommodate unusual interior refurbishment.


How Much Do Suspended Ceilings Cost?

Also known as a ‘dropped’ or ‘false’ ceiling, suspended ceiling costs will ultimately depend on a number of different factors, including their size and the quality of material. However, they are usually a cost-effective and much cheaper alternative to having an ordinary, mortar and beam based ceiling installed. There are also several means of determining the increasing costs of suspended ceilings, as outlined below:

  • Material– suspended ceilings come in a range of different materials, from MDF and other wood grains to plastics and other mineral/silicone fibres or tiles that can reflect light to create the effect of more space. Wood is usually the cheaper option, but plastic tiling can also be found for relatively low prices, especially if you aren’t fussed about the aesthetic qualities of such a ceiling.
  • Light Systems – all suspended ceilings come with different lighting options, but low-energy halogen bulbs and extensive light ‘systems’ that work across a number of suspended ceilings will generally cost a little more than your standard industrial rectangular fittings.
  • Special Features – some suspended ceilings can also be installed with a range of additional features, including air-conditioning, speakers, fire-sprinklers and even a variety of colours or patterns for the more picky customer – and the more you add to your basic ceiling, the more it will cost.
  • Fire Resistance – fire-resistant suspended ceilings come with a special resin-coated 60mm barrier that can really make a difference in protecting your overall investment in a suspended ceiling. It does, however, cost double-to-triple the price of an ordinary suspended ceiling – so make sure you can afford it before signing on the dotted line.

So ultimately, suspended ceiling prices vary from £8.41 per m² to £20.00 per m² depending on the size and measurements you require and the quality of material you choose.

Obviously these are just average prices, and for more specific details to help you formulate the most accurate cost of a suspended ceiling you should check out a number of local contractors and national retailers and compare a number of different quotes; that way you get the widest availability and can usually find the cheapest price for what you want! If you hire someone to install your suspended ceiling be sure to obtain a competent workforce who are fully trained and qualified to carry out the job for you –and always check the warranty for your new product, just to be certain that your costs are part of a worthwhile investment that won’t let you down!

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