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Savings Guide for New Bifold Doors


The purpose of this guide is to make your bifold doors search more straightforward while also helping you save money on the purchase of your bifold doors in the UK. We will be discussing 14 ways through which you can save money—short and long term—when buying a new set of bifold doors. We also list out the factors that determine the cost of bifold doors in the UK.

Bifold doors are one of the UK’s favourite home improvements and are extremely popular right now. They are considered a luxury addition even in the eyes of home designers. Previously, these kinds of doors were only an option for people with more money, prices have since dropped, making them more widely available. They are also a great way to bring more natural light into a home.

Following are 14 money-saving ideas to keep in mind when buying your new bifold doors in the UK:

1. Don’t buy your bifold doors purely on price

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is especially true here, and it’s still better to assess the quality of the door and the price. You can avoid cheaper quality doors by looking at the company to see how long they have been operating. It is crucial to ensure that they will correct any manufacturing defects or problems with the fitting. It is always a false economy to buy cheap, instead go for a high-quality product at the best price you can.

2. Keep in mind that nothing is ‘free’

Make sure you choose a few quotes for the final fitted price of the bifold doors you are looking to buy. For example, a company might try to entice you with offers such as free installation, zero VAT, etc. However, the offers might have already been built into the overall price.

3.     Use standard door sizes

It is preferable to work with door sizes where the height does not exceed 2.2 metres. It’s surprising how much money you can save by working to standard door sizes. It is also better to search for companies and contractors with lower prices for their installation services.

4.     Pay the balance after the installation

Some companies always want full payment before the installation takes place. If you pay in full and are not completely satisfied after installation, there is less chance of getting a quick and satisfactory solution. Pay the balance once you are happy you have received what you have paid for.

5.     Buy standard-colour bifold doors

If you’re looking to save some money, don’t get caught up in false advertising and special colours. Instead, select a standard colour option that will be less expensive than any other type of special colour or finish. You don’t need to pay more money for a special colour.

6. Choose the standard available hardware

It may seem like a good idea to upgrade your bifold door’s hardware, but the standard options are cheaper and more than enough for most homeowners. Upgrade your hardware when you’re ready to upgrade the bifold doors but be sure that it’s not an unnecessary expense. The standard hardware is cheaper and will work just fine for you, so you may not even want to waste your money upgrading.

7. Hire a professional supplier and installer

To save money, choose a supplier and installer with expertise in installing these types of doors. A professional contractor will be able to give you detailed information about how they work and ensure that the entire process runs smoothly from start to finish so there are no hiccups or surprises that may cost you more money down the line.

8. Bottom rolling/Top hung

Some door suppliers use selling techniques on unsuspecting buyers and homeowners by telling them that top-hung bifold doors are better than the bottom-rolling ones, and vice versa. This is often an attempt to sell their products.

9. Go for affordable curtains and blinds

If you don’t want your home to be seen from the outside, then consider painting or installing curtains. However if that’s not what you’re after and instead would enjoy natural light coming through the windows during the day, then integral glass blinds may be what will work for you.

Curtain options are affordable but offer they tend not to last as long before needing replacement due in part to UV rays getting through them when open wide. On the other hand, if something more lasting and protective of property is desired, then integral glass blinds are the way to go.

10. Double-check the door you want to buy

When you’re making a big purchase, the doors must live up to your expectations. You don’t want any surprises when the time comes for installation and use. So make sure the door is the quality you need by carefully viewing and assessing them before they arrive. You can do this assessment by booking an appointment and visiting the showroom of the company you’re buying from. If you don’t ask the right questions you often will not save as much as you could.

11.   Put weather guarantees into consideration

Ask about weather guarantees from the supplier of the bifold doors. For example, you don’t want to hear the sounds from the weather coming in from underneath a new set of doors.  This can be checked according to rating and is worth enquiring about.  

12. Get a Guarantee for your Bifold Doors

Be certain that you are given a guarantee that’s backed by insurance when purchasing your bifold doors. If the company goes bankrupt the guarantee you have backed by insurance won’t go with it. You shouldn’t have to pay any additional fees for 10-year insurance-backed guarantees.

13.   Buy bifold doors that meet current building regulations

Building regulations are always being updated.  Therefore do check with the supplier that the doors you’re buying pass the current regulations. This will not only save you time but money. It would be a costly mistake to buy doors only to find that they do not meet the prevalent regulations.

14.   Bifold Doors with external tracking

Don’t buy bifold doors that slide along an external track. These types of bifold doors are only adapted to work as bifold doors, but are in most cases, not purpose-built bifold doors. They pose serious risks because the track can lever off at any moment.

Factors affecting the cost of bifold doors

These are the main factors

  • Colour
  • Configuration
  • Size
  • Whether or not trickle vents are needed
  • The hardware of the bifold door
  • The brand of the bifold door
  • The system used to deliver the door
  • Whether or not sills are needed
  • Whether or not an opening/existing frame exists
  • Type of glass used
  • Location of supplier

It’s not always easy to get all the information you need from your supplier when buying a set of bifold doors. You should, however, look for a reputable local company that won’t employ subcontractors, doesn’t offer discounts, and are capable of offering genuine quotes without resorting to hidden charges and other manipulations. While it is essential to work out a good deal, it does not have to always be on price. Negotiation can also be centred around specifications.

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