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Savings Guide for Gutter Cleaning


Wet or rainy conditions present the ideal time to clean your drainpipes. If left unkept, you run the risk of having clogged gutters, leading to leaking and overflowing. Subsequently, leaking water in your walls can lead to the growth of moulds and dampness.

Despite being an essential house chore, it’s also the most dreaded due to the laborious process. In this guide, I shall go through some tips, which you can use to ensure you save money and time.

Gutter Cleaning Promotions and Deals.

You can look on the internet for great offers on your local websites. In addition, you can sign up beforehand to get alerts when the companies offer discounts or promotional codes. In this way, you’ll manage to purchase items at a lower price, saving you money.

Get the Right Equipment for Gutter Cleaning.

There is nothing as hectic as going up and down a ladder to get a piece of equipment. However, having all your gear in the same place will save your time on the roof. Additionally, you’ll minimize the chance of accidents like falling.

To achieve great results, ensure you have:

  • Water pressure and attachment for hose pipe.
  • A stiff broom preferably with bristles.
  • Personal Protective equipment like non-slip shoes, safety harness, waterproof gloves, eye protection wear and waterproof clothes.
  • Cleaning solutions. Choose non-corrosive detergents.
  • Leaf blower.
  • Hand trowel.
  • Waste bags to dispose of the collected debris.

Clean the Roof First

Before commencing, inspect the level of debris and dirt on your roof, then use a leaf blower to blow away the materials. After that, proceed to clean using water. By doing this, you’ll have reduced the amount of time and water you would use to clean the gutter. However, if you decide to bypass this step, wet leaves, twigs and other debris may clog the system and make cleaning more hectic, thus taking more time.

You can either use a bristle broom or a brush to help loosen the leaves and dirt to sweep your roof. Then, use a trash bag to dispose of the debris.

Request for a Discount.

When heading out to purchase some gutter cleaning tools like water pipes, trash bags, bristle brooms, trowels, protective gears and ladder, ask for a discount. Some stores usually have unadvertised discounts, especially for first-time buyers, military personnel or senior citizens.

Buy Cleaning Tools at the End of the Year.

Purchasing anything at the end of the year is a good idea as most shops have end-year sale offers. Therefore, you should take advantage of this and buy a complete starter pack to save money. Moreover, purchasing them during the wet and rainy season will cost you more as everyone will rush to buy, thereby driving up their demand.

Clean Your Gutter Regularly.

Although it’s time-consuming it’s best to ensure that your gutters are always clean and free from clustered debris. Failure to do this will lead to your system rusting and getting damaged therefore requiring an extra spend. Always plan to have them cleared at least twice or three times a year. This way, you will know whether there are any holes, cracks or growing moulds that may damage your gutters.

Gutter cleaning

Perform Regular Gutter Inspection.

Take your time when cleaning the gutters to ensure that everything is okay, especially your gutter foundation. If the foundation has run softly over the years due to water leakage, it would be best to have it inspected by a professional to avoid any issues in the future that might increase the cost if the concerns go unresolved.

Have Preventive Measures for the Growth of Mould

Gutters hold the perfect conditions for the growth of mould and dampness. It could be severe if left ignored. The mould can easily find its way into your home, posing a danger to your respiratory system. To prevent this, ensure the gutter is clear, clean and well maintained.

Do It Yourself

If you clean the gutter yourself it will save you the cost of hiring a professional cleaner. However, it’s a time-consuming task that will require you to be hands-on with the tools. Although it will save money if you clean the gutters yourself, if it is too hard, you can hire a professional cleaner.

Word of mouth   

People you know might have a promotional code or discount from a specific store where you can get some cleaning tools. You can check with them if they are willing to pass it on. Additionally, you can consult with your neighbours on getting your gutters professionally cleaned. If done for multiple people, you’ll lower the cost, thus saving you time, energy and money.

Check Where the Water Drains.

If your drainage system is open, consider having it channelled underground. This is because excess water on your compound may cause trees, flowers and shrubs to dry out.

Your landscape could suffer heavily due to the excess water. In addition, your compound will be soggier and muddier, leaving an unattractive look. This, in turn, will be costly when you decide to enquire about the services of a landscaper.

Protect Your Gutters Using Guards.

Gutter guards prevent your gutter from collecting large debris. While they won’t stop you from cleaning, they will reduce cleaning time making the activity more manageable.

Be Safe

Cleaning your gutter may not appear like a risky job but it is. Any slip or miscalculation can prove to be costly to your life and property. Therefore, it is vital to invest in yourself too, especially if it’s a DIY. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Check for any electric cables. They can either be opposite you, above or across your house’s roof.
  • While working with the water pressure pipe, ensure waterproof garments protect your clothes to prevent you from slipping off the ladder.
  • Ensure your ladder is stable and not wobbly and shaky.
  • While getting on the roof, put on a safety harness.
  • Protect your eyes, hands and feet by covering up using water-resistant items.

Maintenance Tips to Save Money

Trim Your Trees

Don’t wait for a storm forecast to trim your compound trees, especially those below your roof, which risk your property and the people around. Regular pruning and trimming reduce the number of fallen twigs, dead flowers and leaves on your roof. In turn, you’ll reduce the cleaning frequency. In addition, most tree trimming professionals offer other services like roof blowing. Therefore, you can save some money by combining the home services they provide.

Use the Home Tools at Your Disposal

You don’t have to own every piece of equipment to clean gutters. Leave that to the professional tradesmen. You may find that some of the items and tools in your home and garden can come in handy with a bit of adjustment.

For example, you can purchase a pistol-grip trigger nozzle for your hose pipe. It’s cheaper than a water pressure pipe. With the use of one hand, you can easily clean the gutter. In addition, you can easily hang the nozzle over the front edge of the gutter.

Above are some of the methods that you can use to save money on gutter cleaning.  You can choose what works for you or obtain professional advice.

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