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Savings Guide for Fitted Wardrobes


If you’re wondering how you can save on fitted wardrobes and get one that is good value for money, this guide is for you. For most homeowners, optimising space and storage are focal points of renovation. Hence, fitted wardrobes are gaining popularity amongst homeowners.  

What are Fitted Wardrobes

Traditional wardrobes only had one purpose, i.e., to store your clothes. However, they are not only for putting away your clothes but also utilising all available space with a diverse range of solutions to store your ties, belts, jewellery, shoes, cosmetics, paperwork, etc.

Benefits of Inexpensive Fitted Wardrobes

Made to measure fitted wardrobes are inexpensive and a great way to save space. There are some additional benefits to them that are as follows.

  • They are an absolute value for money compared to standard/traditional standalone wardrobes
  • Instead of having a bulky wardrobe taking up your room space, a fitted wardrobe hides in the background, giving you 100 per cent of your living space.
  • You will never go back to standalone wardrobes once you get used to relaxing in an uncluttered bedroom.
  • Not only your clothing and accessories, but you can also tuck away other stuff such as backpacks, suitcases, and much more. All thanks to the well-organised space!

Fitted Wardrobes: Cost in the UK

You may have a misconception that having a fitted wardrobe in your room is going to cost you a lot. However, this is a common misunderstanding a lot of people have because these made-to-measure wardrobes can actually cost you far less than you imagine.

The reason is that you can choose how much you wish to spend. You can get a wardrobe with space and features that suit your needs and is in keeping with the amount you want to spend. If you plan it carefully, you can save a significant sum and still install a beautifully designed fitted wardrobe in your bedroom.

Where to Get a Fitted Wardrobe

You can buy a fitted wardrobe for as low as £800 to £1000. If you wish to buy one, the internet is the go-to marketplace to search for your options. Simply go on Google and type “buy cheap fitted wardrobes” or “fitted wardrobes on a budget,” etc. You can even add your location at the end of your search queries to get the results for local manufacturers and suppliers.

Once you have your list of suppliers offering fitted wardrobes, you can collect the prices and start comparing them. However, do not just rely on online prices and visit some local stores to find out if you can get a lower price than what you have to pay online.

The furniture niche is quite competitive. Fitted wardrobe companies will give you an offer to beat the price you already have from a different supplier or manufacturer. A tip is to get a cheap quote and then contact other companies to check if they can beat the quote you already have.

That said, do not just go to any company that has just opened up or offers all sorts of furniture under the sun. Always do your research and check the company’s portfolio. Reviews play an important role in knowing what the previous customers have to say about their quality, services, post-sale customer support, and so on.

Material Can Impact the Cost

You will be amazed at the variety of materials (mainly wood) fitted wardrobes are available in. However, certain types of wood can increase or reduce the cost by 40 per cent. Plus, the type of lamination and features you add can also have an impact on the price tag. These are worth considering if you really want expensive decorative material.

Upgrading Your Fitted Wardrobe on a Budget

The major update to your fitted wardrobe will come from the type and material of doors you are going to use. For instance, you can use a sliding door to transform the appearance of not only the wardrobe but the room as well.

That said, you must never compromise on the doors and remember, you will be using them for many years to come. A sub-standard quality or material may require frequent repairs as your door will be prone to damages.

Cheaper Does Not Mean Low Quality

Paying a lower price does not imply that you will have to forget about a decent fitted wardrobe. You can still get a made-to-measure wardrobe to give your home or bedroom a contemporary appearance.

In fact, if you have limited money to spend on a wardrobe, do it wisely. Think of buying a new fitted wardrobe as an investment. Therefore, you must consider options within your range and will offer maximum benefits in the long run. Chances are that a fitted wardrobe will add value to your home’s features but also increase its saleability factor.

Tips for Fitted Wardrobes

So, you have picked a wardrobe at a reasonable price. Here are some tips for you to maintain or make the most of them.

  • It’s better to choose a design that is ready for painting. This way, you can continue to keep it fresh and aligned with the decor and theme of the room.
  • Always paint your fitted wardrobe to blend in the background. This will give your room a flawless and neat look.
  • It would be a good idea to fit a beauty bay within your wardrobe.
  • You can increase the light in your room by adding mirrors on the outer door panels.


A fitted wardrobe will instantly increase your storage space while concealing your stuff away. With a little bit of research and consideration, it can be tailor-made and remain good value. It can also suit your room decor and lifestyle.

They are a simple way to boost the look of your room, add value, and be an attractive amenity for the homebuyers (if you ever wish to sell your house). So, the material, size, and features you want to include are going to be three major factors that will decide the cost, so choose wisely.

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