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Savings Guide for a New Garage Door

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In this savings guide, we’ll be discussing how you can stay within your budget when buying your new garage door. There are various things that you can consider including maintenance tips and practical steps.

Whether you need a new garage door in your new house or looking to replace the old with the new one, there are various methods to be as cost-effective as possible—both short and long term. Garage doors are the heaviest moving part of the house that help not only to prevent theft of your valuables but also help increase the value of homes.  

There are different types of garage doors, namely:

  • Roller
  • Electric
  • Side doors
  • Side Hinged doors 
  • Up and Over doors 
  • Wooden doors
  • Sectional doors

In order to save money, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need insulation for my garage door?
  • What material do I want, and can I afford it?
  • What colour will go with my home?
  • Which garage door mechanism do I need, and can I afford it?

After answering the questions above, you can also consider the points below when making your purchase.

Quality of material

A higher-quality garage door can potentially save pounds in the longer term. When you buy a top-quality door that enhances the look of your home, you can raise your home’s market value considerably. If you check that your door is of a good standard it will be less likely to dent, crack, rust and other issues.

Purchase directly from the manufacturer

You can potentially pay a much lower price by buying your new garage door from the manufacturer rather than purchasing it through an installation company. This is because installation companies often quote marked-up prices since they are usually acting as ‘middlemen’. Manufacturers, on the other hand, will sell to you at the lowest possible price.  If you can install your doors yourself or hire a tradesperson to do the installation for you, buying your new door from the manufacturer is among the best cost-effective decisions you can make.

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Buy a Garage door that comes with a warranty

To save cost and for peace of mind, ensure the door you’re buying comes with a warranty that covers any issues that might arise during installation, service, repair and any other major issues that may arise in the door itself. If your new door does not come with a warranty, you’ll end up paying for any repairs that might arise, even during installation or a few years after.

Maintenance costs for your New Garage Door

It is also wise to consider associated maintenance costs. Each garage door has different features, hence different maintenance needs. For example, garage doors made of wood might rot and warp in damp environments, requiring more regular upkeep and frequent repairs. Additional expenses would be incurred due to this repair work. More durable materials including vinyl and steel usually are the cheapest to maintain. If you consider the maintenance costs, your door will last much longer.  

New Garage Door Style

There are various styles that can be considered including:

  • Double-steel backing
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Bluetooth compatibility, and
  • Foam insulation

These are some of the added features that come with modern garage doors. Though they can generally increase the cost. However, in most cases, additional and special features on garage doors usually add a few hundred pounds to their prices. To reduce cost and stay within budget, consider quality with basic styles.

Energy efficiency

As part of saving money, it is essential that you consider energy efficiency especially if your garage is attached to your home. Depending on the material and level of insulation, garage doors have varying degrees of energy efficiency.

Check the R-value of the garage door you are buying. This measures the ability of a material to prevent heat loss. Therefore, the higher the R-value, the better insulating the door is.  For a garage attached to your home ideally, the R-value will be greater than R-10.  You may also see the term U-value, which measures the flow of heat through the building material. It helps to determine the overall measure of energy loss and heat flow. A lower U-value means better thermal efficiency.

It is particularly important to have an insulated garage door if your home heating system covers your garage. Having a garage door with insulation helps your garage’s interior temperature remain consistent and can also help to lower your bills.  

Save money by taking care of your new garage door

As garage doors can be used up to 8 times a day on average it is important to do proper maintenance. By looking after your doors, they will last longer saving you money in the longer term.

Following are some maintenance tips to keep in mind:

  • If you notice a jerky movement when you use the door, it might be an indication that there’s an issue with the hardware. Check the roller brackets and bolts and tighten them when needed.
  • Garage doors often go out of balance. To check that the garage door is well-balanced, pull out the opener and then manually move the door upside down. If the door does not land properly, then it’s unbalanced.
  • Lubricate every moving part regularly. This will not only ensure the garage door work smoothly and lasts longer but prevent it from rusting.
  • Ensure repairs are done by experienced professionals who will help you get the job done the right way.
  • Don’t assume any issues and problems will go away because if these are ignored, they may lead to more costly repairs. The majority of service calls are due to the springs in the garage door, where either they are broken or worn and set the entire system off balance.
  • Ensure that the door is sealed properly. By ensuring this, you’ll save money by not having to do costly repairs, pest removal services, or the replacements of belongings.
  • Strong garage door springs extend the garage door’s life and help keep it around for years. Choosing low-quality springs now will end up costing you a lot more money long term when your door malfunctions and requires a lot of repair services. A malfunctioning door can be very annoying because it wastes your time and causes unnecessary frustrations and annoyance.

You could save a lot of money—as much as £1,000—by implementing some of the ideas in this guide. Remember to speak to local garage door experts for professional advice and accurate prices. When hiring a tradesperson for the installation of the door, it’s best to ensure they have relevant professional qualifications and experience. Get quotes from different professionals before to ensure the best value for money and best service available.

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