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Pricing Guide for Fitted Wardrobes


Fitted Wardrobes price summary

Price range = £2,800 to £3,600

Average cost = £3,000

Best / cheapest price = £2,800


Are you looking for a better option than allowing your pile of clothes to accumulate on your bedroom floor?  Fitted Wardrobes are an alternate solution discussed below. 

Although many homeowners choose to have a free-standing wardrobe, there are occasions when this isn’t possible, and a fitted wardrobe is the better option.

Why a Fitted Wardrobe?

You may ask yourself why would you want to buy a fitted wardrobe when you can buy a free-standing one for cheaper? Detailed below are some of the reasons why a fitted wardrobe might be a good option for you.

Hide It Away

Depending on the type of person you are, you may have a simplistic design in your home. One way of achieving this is storing everything out of sight to have a tidier look. A great solution for this is fitted wardrobes, where clothes and shoes are neatly stored away.

Unusual Spaces

Although you can try to make the most of the space in your home you might find over time that however big your house is, you always seem to run out of space, whatever you do to make the most of it.

If you have any alcoves or slanting rooves in your bedrooms, it can be hard to find something that you can use to fully make use of the space. Most ready built furniture does not have customizable sizes. A fitted wardrobe means that you can design exactly what you want to make sure that you use up every inch of your unusual space.

Mismatching Decor

If you have a free-standing wardrobe it can mean that you are limited in your choice of bedroom redecoration. You would have to choose from a selection that has been designed for you. The problem with this is that it might not match the design that you are going for in that room. If that’s the case then you might have to compromise or worse have to tailor the design in your room around the wardrobe.

As fitted wardrobes are custom made, they allow you to have a greater range of designs in the room you want it to be installed, so all that effort you put into designing your perfect bedroom doesn’t have to go to waste.

Different types of fitted wardrobes

The custom element to fitted wardrobes increases the options that you have to make the most of the space in your house. These are a few of the most common types of fitted wardrobes that you can get.

3-Door Fitted Wardrobe

Average price: £2,650

The 3-door fitted wardrobe acts as a standard free-standing wardrobe with hinged doors that open outward. Depending on the space where they are fitted, you can make the most of them by selecting differently spaced dividers.

Due to the customizable element, you can get the doors in many different materials such as MDF, glass, wood or metal. You can also purchase doors in different styles such as panelled, windowed or mirrored depending on the style you’re going for.

3-Door Sliding Fitted Wardrobe

Average price: £3,200

If you are looking to put a fitted wardrobe into a room that doesn’t have much space then selecting a sliding fitted wardrobe would be a better solution. Instead of having wardrobe doors that open outwards, you have doors that run on sliders.

It is common for wardrobes with sliding doors to include mirrored doors. This gives the effect of a more spacious room and also means that you save on space and money by not having to purchase a separate full-size mirror.

6-Door Extra Wide Fitted Wardrobe

Average price: £4,800

The extra-wide fitted wardrobe is an excellent choice for those of you with plenty of space or a walk-in wardrobe. These are similar to the standard 3-door fitted wardrobes but are extra wide to utilise the space.

Although this style of wardrobe is higher in price, you will get far more space than the usual style.

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe

Starting from: £1,750 

As mentioned before, one of the reasons to go for fitted wardrobes is if you have a room that has a sloped roof or maybe an odd space. This might mean your wardrobe might have to be trimmed to fit or installed differently.

You could also have a vision of what you want, which is unique and may take more work to make and complete.

For a wardrobe like this, you would need to get a bespoke fitted wardrobe built for you. The price of a bespoke fitted wardrobe can alter, depending on how big the space that you want the fitted wardrobe or the complexity of the work involved.

Factors That Can Affect the Price

As you can imagine, the size of the fitted wardrobe and the complexity of the work that you wish to have done will increase the cost of the labour. This is due to the length of time needed for the work to be completed. But there are other factors that can impact the cost of installing fitted wardrobes.


Fitted wardrobes can be made out of a range of materials such as MDF, wood, laminate or metal. As expected, the better the quality the more expensive the wardrobes will be. .

Design choices

What you have inside your fitted wardrobes can make a price difference. Your choice of rails or drawers instead of just shelving will add to the labour and the cost of materials.

Interior design

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a stylish design choice. Having lights or other features in your fitted wardrobe give them that extra edge and make them look great and stylish.

Internal Storage

There is a range of different storage components that you can have in your fitted wardrobe. Due to the nature of fitted wardrobes, you can mix and match these components to suit your needs. Some of these components range in price and can make a big difference to the overall cost.

The types of internal storage you can have include:

  • A shoe rack
  • Pull down rails
  • Laundry basket
  • Trouser rails
  • Double-hanging clothes rail
  • Jewellery tray

Added features

Adding lockable drawers or maybe installing a safe will also increase the cost.

Avoiding hidden costs

You should make sure that you take your time with planning and designing your fitted wardrobe. It’s possible that there may be more work than just installing the wardrobe.

Depending on the location and the design that you want for your fitted wardrobe, there may be other work that is needed. This could come in the shape of additional plug sockets, painting and plastering or removing or relaying flooring.

If you are doing the design and intend on installing it yourself, you need to make sure that you do your research before starting or even ordering your fitted wardrobe to make sure that you aren’t caught out.

If you are using a company or a design service, make sure you check with them if there is anything that needs to be done, before or after the wardrobe has been installed.

To help save on costs, this could be something that you can do yourself before installation.

How long does it take to install

On average it can take 1 to 2 days to install a fitted wardrobe, however, it could take longer for the bigger and more complex installations.

Should you install a fitted wardrobe yourself?

It is possible to install a fitted wardrobe yourself if you are confident in your DIY skills. It can be tricky to do it on your own so having a partner will make things easier and quicker.

If you’re installing a bespoke fitted wardrobe it may be best to hire a professional to make sure that it is done safely and to a high standard.

All costs mentioned in this article are estimates.

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