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Pricing Guide for Carpet Fitters in the UK


A new carpet is the best way of revamping an old space or adding a splash of colour to a new space. Fitting a carpet is surprisingly affordable, depending on the carpet you choose and the overall design. When buying a carpet, it’s important to consider carpet fitting costs to work out a reasonable budget.

You need to consider several factors before having a carpet fitted in your home. These factors will determine if the project will be affordable or expensive. When choosing a carpet option, do consider one that will last and add life to your home. Here are some of the factors that influence carpet cost.

Factors Influencing Carpet Fitters Cost

Carpet installation is not an easy DIY project that anyone can attempt. It requires qualified carpet fitters to get the work done perfectly. A carpet fitter will provide you with carpet fitting estimates based on:

1.     Floor Preparation

The condition of your subfloor will determine if it requires additional work like replacement. For example, if your old carpet is hard to remove, the price will be much higher. In addition, the amount of prep work needed on the floor differs from home to home, making the price vary.

2.      Shape of the Room

Oddly-shaped rooms with round edges are more expensive to install carpets than rectangular or square-shaped rooms. Additionally, working around structures such as the support poles tends to increase the price due to work complexity.

3.     Stairways

It’s cheaper to install carpets on a new stairway than replacing the carpets on a used staircase. The cost of replacing a carpet on an old stairway will be higher because the carpet fitter will first remove the old carpet before fitting a new one. Laying down carpets on the stairway requires precise labour and cutting.

drill lying on stairs

4.     Number of Rooms

The number of rooms requiring carpet installation affects the overall price. Each room will need special attention to get the work done perfectly, leading the tradespeople to take more days to install the carpet.

5.     Pad Type

Although the carpet material affects the project’s total cost, the carpet pad used on the floor before carpet installation will have a considerable effect. There are two basic types of carpet pads– fibre and foam. These two types of paddings come in different designs and densities, hence the price differences.

The location of the carpet in your home will influence the type of pad that a carpet fitter should install. For example, a rug installed in an area with high traffic or homes with pets( dogs and cats) will require a denser underlay which is more expensive compared to pads added in homes with low traffic.

6.     Unplanned Expenses

When budgeting for carpet installation using professional floor installers, it is essential to include unplanned expenses such as purchasing extra floorboards and other additional materials.

With the above factors taken into consideration, you should have a clearer picture of what to expect during budgeting.

How much do Carpet Fitters Charge?

Generally, a carpet fitter charges between £120 – £150 per day or an hourly rate of £15 – £18 per hour. However, the ballpark cost of fitting carpets varies significantly based on various factors. One of the factors that may impact the price of carpet fitting is the location of your property and its accessibility.

For instance, if you live in a fifth-floor apartment right in the heart of Central London, the cost of fitting a carpet is higher compared to installing a carpet in a single or double-story house in a less populated area.

Carpet Fitting Areas to Consider and Their Cost

Depending on your preference, you may opt to carpet your entire house or small sections. Below are some areas around the house where you can install a carpet and their respective installation cost.

1.     Bedroom Carpet Fitting

To fit a carpet in a standard-sized bedroom can cost around £85 – £95. However, that does not include the price of gripper rods or the underlay(carpet padding), which are necessary. Installing a carpet in an average-sized room that requires minimal work should take less than a day.

However, if the room’s shape is odd or requires more prep work, like clearing furniture out of the room, the time taken will vary with the contractor on site.

2.     Lounge Carpet Fitting

A carpet fitted in an average-sized lounge area generally costs around £55 – £65. It takes at least half a day to complete the job. However, if there is furniture or items to move around, the total time to complete the project will be longer.

3.     Staircase Carpet Fitting

Carpeting a straight staircase costs £75 – £100, while a staircase with multiple corners and turns will cost more. An underlay is a must for staircase carpeting and costs £1 – £4 per m2. The underlay price is affected by the type of underlay you shall settle on.

4.     Full House Carpet Fitting

An average whole house carpeting–a three-bedroom house will cost you between £4 and £7 per m2, including the underlay. The amount of time needed to complete the entire house will depend on various factors such as:

  • The shape of the rooms
  • The carpet fitter’s experience
  • Number of fitters on ground
  • The approach of the project
  • Prep work like moving of the furniture or taking off the old carpet

Carpets are measured per m2; therefore, it’s easier to estimate the cost of a new carpet by knowing the price that can fit a square metre. The average price of a carpet per square metre ranges between £6 – £40, and premium carpets cost £50 per m2.

Additional Carpet Fitting Costs

When considering carpet installation for your home, do not forget the extras when formulating your budget. Some of the extras include:

1.     Issues with your floor

During carpet installation, especially when replacing an old carpet, your fitter may discover some problems with the floor, such as broken floorboards. These issues will require immediate attention and will be added to your overall budget.

2.     Underlay

Underlays are essential during carpet installation as they improve your house’s insulation, helping you reduce your energy bills. They also extend the shelf life of your carpet by 50% and enhance the carpet’s appearance and comfort.

Depending on the quality and quantity, the price varies. However, the cost of fitting an underlay ranges between £1 and £4 per m2.

3.     Room Clearance

If you are carpeting a room with furniture, you’ll be required to remove them for easy carpet installation. The carpet fitter may charge you to move the furniture before and after the carpet installation. If you feel it will be over your budget, have the room cleared before the fitters arrive to work on the space.

When buying a carpet, it pays to first look around– online, local specialists, or from large chains. This will help you to catch on to special promotions or discounts. Additionally, you can ask a carpet fitter to buy on your behalf as they may have access to trade discounts and can significantly reduce the buying price.

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