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Pricing Guide for Carpet Cleaning in the UK


Carpets are a common thing in almost all households. Available in a range of materials, designs, and colours, carpets not just cover the bare floor but also give a nice and aesthetic look to any room. 

Generally, it will help if you have your carpets cleaned annually to give them a long-lasting life and keep them in mint condition.

Why Should you Keep your Carpets Clean?

If you leave the carpets unattended, they can get permanently stained, and soil can penetrate the fibres. Dirty carpets trap fungi, viruses, bacteria, pollen, and other harmful organisms. When the carpets are moved, these allergens can get air-borne and pose serious health threats to you. 

No one likes to live in a dirty place and keeping your carpets clean is a step towards ensuring your house stays safe and clean.

You can Consider Professional Carpet Cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning keep carpets fresh and new even after many years. Cleansing carpets regularly also removes debris, dust, and other harmful microorganisms accumulating in the carpets. Although it is possible to take up the cleaning work yourself, for the best results it is recommended that a professional carpet cleaning service is hired.  

Professional cleaners have the required experience and equipment to ensure proper cleaning of the carpets. If you experience foul odour from the carpets or if they get discoloured, you should seek professional help. We recommend hiring someone with a good track record and reliable work history.

Also, it is vital to know about the average price of carpet cleaning and other factors that influence the pricing. This guide will provide a detailed look at carpet cleaning and related costs.

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Average Price for Carpet Cleaning

Most carpet cleaning service providers charge customers based on the number of rooms or per square foot. As carpets see a lot of foot traffic, they get dirty fast and getting them cleaned once or twice every year is a must. For this, you must have prior knowledge about the cost and pricing.

On average, you should expect to pay around £50-£60 for every single room or somewhere between £180-£250 for the whole house. For large houses, the cost for the entire home may go up based on some factors. If you prefer to pay per square foot, it’s best to decide on a price with your carpet cleaner.

Average Carpet Cleaning Cost Per Room

Most homeowners pay almost £50 per room for carpet cleaning, but this price varies based on room size, furniture, etc. In some cases, the charge for a large room will double in price.  Pricing generally ranges between £30-£100 for a room.

You can compare prices from different companies and ask for discounts on multiple rooms. Also, look out for combo deals, which include offers like 3-room carpet cleaning after every six months for around £25 average per month or 6-room carpet cleaning every six months at an average of £50.

Average Carpet Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot

Many carpet cleaning companies charge customers per square foot. Prices fluctuate around £0.3-£0.7 per square foot, which is the better option if you plan to get carpet cleaning for the entire house. You will save money this way if your house is large.

On average, you can expect to pay around:

  • £100-£250 for 600 to 1000 square feet
  • £150-£500 for 1000 to 2000 square feet
  • £450-£700 for 2000 to 3000 square feet

Carpet Cleaning Pricing Based on the Method of Cleaning

There are multiple ways of carpet cleaning, and these depend on the carpet. Professional cleaners have different prices for every method based on the time needed, equipment and chemicals needed, and the amount of labour and time. Make sure you choose the right cleaning method to keep your carpet in excellent condition.

Here is a rough idea of pricing based on the cleaning method.

  • Steaming – £0.3 to £1.5 per square foot
  • Dry Cleaning – £0.25 to £0.8 per square foot
  • Patches and Holes Repair – £20 to £80 per sq. foot for every hole
  • Carpet Stretching – £75 to £150 per room or £30 to £75 per hour
  • Water Extraction – £120 to £400 per room

These prices may go up and down based on each unique situation. If there are heavy stains on, or odours coming from the carpet, water damage, or cleaning has to be done on stairs, then costs will rise.

Factors that Influence Price of Carpet Cleaning 

The situation and condition of carpets are different in every home. There are certain factors that affect carpet cleaning pricing.

  • The size of the rooms and area of carpets.

The carpet material and its condition. Cleaning prices will go up for carpets with heavy stains or if there is an infestation of pests or mould growth in the carpets.

  • There are extra charges for cleaning stairs and moving furniture.
  • The method, equipment, and chemicals needed for cleaning.
  • The carpet cleaning company’s location also affects the pricing. Companies will charge transportation fees and raise prices if they have to visit a remote site location for cleaning.

How can you Save Money on Carpet Cleaning?

There are some ways through which you can keep carpets cleaner for longer and reduce money spent on cleaning and maintenance. Let us check some of them out:

  • Try to vacuum clean your carpet regularly, along with spot cleaning. It allows regular dust removal and removes stains faster.
  • Place runners and mats at the entrance or exit of your home so that carpets see less debris and dust.
  • You can ask your family members to not step on carpets wearing shoes.
  • Measure the area that needs to be cleaned and ask for a discount from your cleaner.
  • Move furniture yourself and do not leave it to the carpet cleaners because they charge extra for this.
  • You can get the cleaning done only in high foot traffic areas.
  • Look out for special offers and discounts offered by your local carpet cleaning companies.


Carpets bring a level of comfort to your home or office floors and add a nice look as well. However, they see a lot of foot traffic and get dirty fast. If you want to ensure a clean carpet and keep it fresh, getting professional carpet cleaning done is the right choice.

We checked out the average pricing and other factors that influence carpet cleaning. Although it is possible to clean carpets yourself, professional cleaning ensures spotless, clean carpets which won’t affect your health. It helps in better air circulation and ensures a healthy, vibrant atmosphere.

If you are seeking professional carpet cleaning, make sure to partner with a trustworthy, experienced company that offers fair pricing and will make your carpets brand new.  

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