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Pricing Guide for Tree Removal

Trees lined along a winding road

Some homeowners usually forget about the trees in their gardens until something unpleasant happens—a damaged branch falling on a car or all of the light in the room being covered by excess leaves. Tree roots can also damage underground gas pipes or power connections, make their way into underground sewage lines searching for water, and cause foundation problems to properties.

While it’s important to take good care of trees and keep them healthy and in good conditions, it’s equally vital that homeowners safeguard their houses and other properties. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove trees and hiring professional tree surgeons and tradespeople for tree removal is the right step to take. However, tree removal processes come with their costs and prices.

If you’re trying to find out how much it costs to cut down and remove a tree, then this guide is for you. You will find out the costs of removing trees in the UK, as well as how much property owners that want to remove trees might be expected to pay.

How much does it cost to remove a tree?

The average cost of removing a tree in the UK is around £400

Tree removal is not an easy job and is significantly different from other home repair projects. For example, tree surgeons and tradespeople often work in teams for safety reasons. Removing a tree involves more time, equipment, skills and professionals —thereby having a significant impact on the total cost. Similarly, the cost of removing a tree depends on several factors such the size, type, condition, and placement.

For instance, removing a small, two-meter-tall sapling from a house might require the work of a small team of tree surgeons—with each person charging £40 to £50 per hour. Conversely, removing a large oak tree close to a house with difficult access will require a large team of surgeons and many days of work, and may cost as much as £5,000 in total.

Tree Removal Costs-Job Type



Tree felling



Large oak at height with team



Medium birch tree with medium team



Day rate for a team of two



Day rate for a large team



Tree debris disposal



Labour tree surgeon



Tree trimming



The charge for tree removal is usually at an hourly or daily rate and tree surgeons, and other professional tree removers charge an average of £40 per hour (depending on experience).

Overall, the average cost of removing a tree is between £400 and £5000—costs can increase or decrease depending on the size of the tree, the complexity of the work and several other factors which will be discussed later in this guide.

Tree removal cost summary

Average Cost = £400

Cheapest Price = £350

Other costs to consider in removing a tree include:

Stump removal and grinding

The cost of grinding a stump ranges from £50 to £100. You can rent a stump grinder for around £80 per day. While some property owners often go for the DIY stump-grinding way, it’s better to hire a tradesperson to remove it, especially if the stump is more than 125mm in diameter.

Professionals know the best technique to complete the project, and some DIY effort may end up costing more. A typical rate for working out the cost for tree stump removal is £3 per inch of diameter;, if the stump is very low to the ground. So a 10-inch-wide stump would cost £30 to grind out.

Tree debris disposal

After cutting down the Tree debris must be disposed of. A property owner would have to pay an additional fee to a hired a contractor to dispose of the tree debris. Alternatively, the local councils can be contacted to find out if they can save on costs. The debris tree debris disposal starts at about £70.

Woodchipper hire

A woodchipper assists in the removal of all garden debris and its recycling back into the garden. You’ll need to hire either an electrical or a heavy-duty petrol engine model, depending on the extent of your garden trash.

Garden clearance

There are several common garden clearance procedures which include: full garden and site clearance, trimming and cutting back any unsightly or overgrown hedgerows, cutting down long grass, pruning overgrown trees, turning plant beds and borders, removing undesired plants and shrubs, and cleaning any unwanted grass and leaves. 

When hiring a tradesmen to carry out these tasks the average garden clearance cost is £52.50 per hour or £210 per load.

Cost factors of removing a tree

The price of removing a tree depends on several factors, including:

The Size of the tree

Size is an important factor in tree removal; the larger the tree, the higher the price. This price increases with the size is because of the extra work involved. To complete the operation as quickly as possible, experienced tradespeople should be hired. The table below shows how the cost of falling trees increases with size:

Job Description

Average Cost


Small trees (25ft)


3-4 hours

Medium-sized trees (25 to 50ft)


1 day

Large trees (50 to 75ft)


1-2 days

Extra-large trees (Over 75ft)


2-5 days

Height of the tree

The taller the tree, the more care and concern must be taken when removing it. A tall tree will almost certainly need to be limbed before it can be felled, which can affect the number of man-hours required for a tree expert to complete the job.

Condition of the tree

In general, the cost of removing a healthy tree is usually higher than a diseased and dying one. The removal of dead, decaying, or rotting trees is simple for tree removal service companies and tradespeople. As a result, charges are lower to remove a dying or diseased tree than to remove a healthy one.


The prices for removing trees will also vary based on location. Generally, tree removal labour charges in London and other big cities are significantly more than elsewhere in the UK.

Ease of access to the tree

Ease of access to the tree to be removed is another important factor that determines how much a homeowner pays. Typically, tree removing companies and tradespeople will visit the location to assess the trees. The provider must ensure that the tree can be easily accessed as well as that the tree removal process is carried out safely.

It’s difficult to get to trees near buildings, highways, utility lines, and other structures. If there are any impediments along the route, especially if they block access to the tree to be removed, the property owner will have to pay more to cover all of the safeguards that will be necessary to ensure your safety during the tree removal procedure.

Tools and equipment used

The removal of a tree requires the use of specific tools and equipment. Depending on the tree removal process, several tradespeople bring various types of equipment. If the project necessitates it, equipment, protective gear, and tools may have to be rented. As a result of the advanced equipment and specific tools required for successful tree removal, the cost is higher than normal.

Things to remember in removing trees

  • Root development underground can cause subsidence and structural damage if a perfectly healthy tree grows too close to your home. To avoid this, it may be essential to remove the tree.
  • Trees that are diseased or damaged are more prone to breaking and falling. It’s recommended that a tree surgeon be hired to inspect and maybe cut down a tree on the property there are concerns about its condition.
  • Tree removal costs vary depending on the size, condition, and location of the tree, with a typical tree surgeon’s fee ranging from £400 to £5,000.
  • The cost of removing a tree stump is relatively modest, starting at £70. Hiring a professional is the safest and most cost-effective approach to remove a tree stump from the garden.

Note: The costs in this guide are to be used as a basic guide. They represent costs for average tree removal and they may vary significantly the larger the tree and the more complex the task.

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