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Porch Prices and Cost Guide | uPVC, Screened-in, Extensions and Repairs

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Installing a porch can add some security and style to your property, but how much will it cost to build a porch? Get the latest uPVC and screened-in porch costs in our porch prices & cost guide.


Summary of Porch Prices & Costs

Price Range = £289 to £1200

Average Cost = £663

Cheapest Price = £289


Although they are more popular in the US than here in the UK, uPVC screened-in porches are becoming a more common home extension for home-owners throughout the country. Proving to be versatile additions to most properties, these specially-designed porches offer a defence to natural elements (be it snow, rain and thunderstorms or the stifling heat and sunshine) while simultaneously allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and view of your garden via the clear ‘screen’ that acts as a strong but permeable barrier between the house and the outdoors. Plus they are safer than conservatories for both small children and pets that you don’t want running around outdoors, especially in busy urban areas; and if you still need a little persuading, it’s good to know that the cost of a new porch might be less than you might think.

Screened-in porches can either be fully installed by a professional porch builder, or else purchased as a flat-pack set of materials that you can set up yourself. Of course, this should only be attempted by those fully proficient and confident enough to deal with this sort of DIY project. The cost of building a porch will depend on a number of factors, including the following:

  • The size of the expansion
  • The amount of new decking or patio required (if you aren’t simply overlaying the original outdoor surface)
  • The chosen door and/or retractable screen material
  • The extent of your insulation and carpeting
  • The various u-PVC porch prices you can find

Porch Cost Comparison

Porch extension costs can also be kept down if you reduce the amount of extras you want and don’t go overboard with the interior decoration. But how much do porches cost if you don’t fancy doing all the hard labour? Well, the final cost of a uPVC screened-in porch will vary, depending on its size and how many additional features you incorporate into the final design, but the following table outlines the various porch prices and porch construction costs for both fully installed and DIY screened-in u-PVC porches, which are split into three categories according to how ‘luxurious’ your design options are:


UPVC Porch Prices

You might suspect that uPVC porches would cost significantly less than low-brick wall and/or wooden screened-in porches, but actually this isn’t always the case. Often cheap uPVC requires double-glazing on at least two sides of the porch exterior, and this can cause a significant rise in your average uPVC porch quote; ultimately because the cost of the glass offsets any savings you might make in reduced labour time. The cost of an ‘open plan’ u-PVC porch with no glass can often be as little as £600, but the addition of double-glazing can see that rise to anywhere between £1000 and £1200.


Average Porch Repair Costs

There are various types of porch repair that might also be required over the years, and your budget should take into account any potential repair expenses on an annual basis. Of course you can never predict exactly what kind of repairs you will need, so coming up with a final price plan is tricky; nevertheless it is a good idea to look out for quotes for weatherproofing, u-PVC panel upgrades, double-glazing replacement and joint repair throughout the year.

Obviously these porch costs are just estimates from various online sources, and for the most accurate and up-to-date information about the average cost of a porch you should get in touch with a number of different material providers and/or contractors or installation companies, who can provide you with free quotes regarding the cost of a screened-in porch to help with budgeting and your preliminary planning. That way you make sure you find the best deal for a new screened-in porch that’s most suited to your property – before signing on the dotted line!


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