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Penny Floor Template and Materials List


1. Pennies Obviously

Pennies Obviously

We’ve received tons of responses people asking what materials should be used and where to get them to create your own awesome penny floor.

Start saving now or create a Facebook event and invite your friends to “donate” to your awesome penny floor project 🙂


2. Weldbond Glue

Weldbond Glue

It’s around £6 a bottle and with 6 bottles you can glue 16 sq. ft with 1p pennies.


3. Mosaic Tile Mesh Backing

Mosaic Tile Mesh Backing

Using the mosaic tile mesh allow you to work at your own pace, creating each “sheet” at the time.


4. Scotch Packing Tape


5. Penny Floor Template

Penny Floor Template

The template makes your work more manageable at your own pace.


6. Thin-Set Mortar

Thin-Set Mortar

Thin-set mortar will be used to spread a layer onto the floor where you will lay the pennies. 


7. Charcoal Grout

Charcoal Grout

You can use any unsanded grout but if you want your pennies to stand out better use a charcoal color grout.


8. High Gloss Epoxy Resin

High Gloss Epoxy Resin

This will keep your pennies from getting damaged.


9. TIME!!!!!! Lots of it

TIME!!!!!! Lots of it

This project isn’t for people without time and patience. This tends to be more of a DIY project as the hours a tradesman would have to put in would make the floor cost a fair bit. If you have the money (more than a few pennies) contact your local builders or handymen. 

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