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New Combi Boiler Prices, Costs | How Much Does a New Combi Boiler Cost?

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Need to buy a new combi boiler? Find out how much it'll cost you to buy and install here.


When your heating isn’t working and your boiler finally packs in, it’s always tempting to cut corners and buy a cheap (sometimes even second hand) unit that will help you save money. These shortcuts can, however, result in disappointment, including the possibility of a further breakdown. For best results, always buy a brand new combi boiler from a respected retailer or manufacturer. They may be a little more costly than you’d like, but they are guaranteed to last – and further repairs are often included in your warranty.


Price summary for a new combi boiler

Price range = £500 to £2,500

Average cost = £1,250

Best/cheapest price = £500

The final cost of a new combi boiler unit will depend on two main considerations…


1. The size of your family home

The type – and more importantly, size – of your combi boiler will be closely related to the size of your home and overall water usage; more specifically, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have. The following guidelines are estimates, but should help you to budget carefully for what you need before you make that all-important purchase:

– One bathroom, three bedrooms – choose a small combi boiler costing somewhere between £500 and £800

– One or two bathrooms, three to five bedrooms – go for a medium-sized combi boiler which will cost around £750 to £1,000

– Three or more bathrooms, five or more bedrooms – you’ll need a larger, often commercial-strength combi boiler, which is usually priced between £1,200 and £2,000


2. The quality of the model you choose

There are a wide range of different combi boiler brands for you to choose from; prices vary according to the quality, efficiency and durability of each brands’ products. Here are some brand new combi boiler costs, supplied by Which?:

  • Glow-Worm combi boilers cost around £560 to £1,360
  • Ideal combi boilers are priced at £600 to £1,000
  • Baxi combi boilers cost around £700 to £1,200 to buy brand new
  • Grant Vortex charge £1,100 to £2,300 for their new combi boilers

These figures are usually relative to the Heat Output Rating awarded to the given boiler; those rated around 15 to 21 kW can be found at the lower end of the price scale, while boilers rated 28 to 36 are usually found at the high end of the price scale.

Remember, to save money be sure to shop around, your new combi boiler can potentially be purchased anywhere, from retail stores to online outlets. To get the best deal make sure you compare a number of quotes for the model you want.

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