If you can't afford or aren't allowed to install double glazing then installing secondary glazing is a great alternative - find out here about secondary double glazing prices.
How much does a Secondary Double Glazing Windows cost?
Average cost in UK: £42
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The average cost for a Secondary Double Glazing Windows is £42. You are likely to spend between £14 and £165 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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Secondary double glazing price summary

Price Range = £16 to £165

Average Cost = £97

Cheapest Price = £16 to £30 per frame

Secondary glazing allows you to have an additional window pane fitted over your existing windows, keeping your home warm and improving its energy efficiency without spoiling the exterior (or interior) look of your home. Frames can be fitted into either timber or metal surrounds, often in a range of coated colours too. Prices usually vary according to the kind of secondary double glazing you choose to install in your home:

  • Fixed/Hinged (Aluminium) – when purchasing a fixed or hinged frame to lay over an existing window (with or without an opening), you need to allow an additional 32mm on the height and width of the frame to account for installation space over the existing panel. For a regular 915x1500mm pane (suitable for half the size of an average living room or double-bedroom) prices usually vary from anything between £16 to £30 per frame.
  • Horizontal Slide (uPVC) – horizontally sliding secondary glazing allows you to choose between secondary and double glazing depending on the weather and outdoor temperature – so you can get the best of both worlds all year round! For a 915x2100mm pane (about the size of a living room or double-bedroom window) prices fall anywhere around £80 to £150 per frame.
  • Vertical Slide (u-PVC) – vertically sliding secondary glazing is best suited to sash windows, as it allows you to preserve the original, authentic design of single glazing while gaining all the benefits of double glazing.  Prices usually come in at around £105 for 1200x600mm pane; £134 for 1800×900; and £165 for a 2400×1200 window.

Secondary glazing might sound like a lot of extra hassle for windows you already have, but this extra pane (not always ‘fixed’ to the window) can save you up to £65 a year on energy bills too – so it really is worth investing in!

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