How much do roof trusses cost? Find out in our roof truss prices and cost guide.
How much does a Roof Trusses cost?
Average cost in UK: £23.5k
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The average cost for a Roof Trusses is £23500. You are likely to spend between £14200 and £32700 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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Roof Trusses Cost Summary

Price Range = £14,200 to £32,700

Average Cost = £23,475

Cheapest Price = £14,200

Roof trusses are similar in shape and design to roof lanterns – except without the glass. Unlike the latter, they also work best in attic areas rather than kitchens or bathrooms. They are built in an effort to give your home the illusion of extra space; making the area less stuffy and claustrophobic.

You will often find roof trusses in modern churches or council buildings that were constructed from brickwork and reinforced wood rather than stone, but as long as your home is large enough the design works equally well for a domestic property.  Plus, there are several different roof truss shapes to choose from, so you can find something that suits the exterior of your home.

Attic Roof Trusses Prices

So, how much do roof trusses cost?

  • Online estimates list the average roof truss cost as anywhere between £14,200 and £32,700 (including parts and labour).

The cost of roof trusses varies on this scale depending on the type of design you opt for. The four main styles of roof truss costs are as follows:

  1. Fink Roof Trusses – these are lightweight designs that don’t insulate that well, but work fine if you are just planning to use the attic as a larger storage space. Cost = £14,200
  2. Traditional Cut – these are designed in the standard attic shape with a sloping roof one side but at a steeper angle, allowing you to convert or refurbish the space if you wish. Cost = £19,000
  3. Attic Truss – this is similar to a traditional cut but uses heavy timber to make the room sturdier and therefore costs a little more. Cost = £28,000
  4. Panelised Roofing – this truss is made with large, pre-insulated panels, saving you a bit of extra cash in the long term (as additional insulation fitting will be unnecessary) despite being on the more expensive side. Cost = £32,700

Unfortunately, these prices don’t actually account for any windows, staircases or roof lights that might have to be fitted after the main truss is installed. So, make sure you budget with an architect or project manager before things get started, just so you know you can afford everything you need. If it helps you should browse online or in supplier’s catalogues for the most economical design available – just make sure it will suit your property before signing on the dotted line!

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