If your roof is old or damaged you may need it replaced. Find out about roof replacement cost here, including flat roof and garage roof replacement costs.
How much does a Flat Roof Replacement cost?
Average cost in UK: £3500
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The average cost for a Flat Roof Replacement is £3500. You are likely to spend between £1100 and £5600 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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Whether you need a new pitched, flat or garage roof, you’ll need to make sure that you hire a qualified professional to replace your roof for you.  Find out how much you can expect to pay for your roof replacement here.

How much does it Cost to Re-Roof a House?

The cost of replacing a garage roof or house roof will depend on several factors that include the material you choose, size of roof and other costs.

  • Materials for your roof can be made from slate, concrete, clay or metal sheeting all of which are differently priced

  • Scaffolding hire needs to be added to the cost of roofing now as per government regulations

  • Roof size affects the amount of roofing product you will need and affects the time it takes to install

  • Cost of labour will be added to the roofing material for the time it takes a professional roofer to replace the roof. The average cost of hiring a roofer for one day starts at £150

  • Any additional roof work such as fascias, chimneys and guttering will also need to be added to the cost of replacing a flat garage roof

All of these factors make it difficult to work out the cost to re-roof but some examples from are as follows:

  • To replace the roof on a three bedroom semi-detached house starts at around £3500

  • To replace the roof on a four bedroom semi-detached house starts at around £5600

This price includes supply of roofing materials, scaffolding and fitting of roofing materials.

Flat Roof Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing a flat garage roof or flat house roof will depend on the size of the roof and the material that you choose. Quite often flat roofs are made up of layers of felt and waterproof material such as uPVC and rubber. Permaroof is an example of a flat roof membrane that is bought by the metre.

  • A metre of Permaroof  that is 1.14mm thick is around £7

  • A metre of Permaroof  that is 1.52mm thick is around £8.50

A rough idea for a flat roof replacement cost in Permaroof that is:

  • 3m x 6m is between £1100 and £2200

  • 3.5m x 7m is between £2000 and £3600

  • A flat roof kit is around £450

The less expensive price will include removing the old roof and replacing with a new flat roof plus edges and trims whereas the more expensive price includes roof insulation, fascias and soffits.

Garage Roof Replacement Cost

As garage roofs are normally flat, the cost is worked out the same as a house's roof but of course, the size is smaller. Permaroof give an estimate of between £1600 and £3000.

Roof Cleaning Prices & Cost Guide

Plant growths such as moss and algae can build up on your roof and can cause tiles to crack and come loose. If this occurs you will need to repair or possibly replace the roof. Flat roof repair costs by a professional roof repair and cleaning service can cost up to £1200 for a days’ work. Of course the ultimate price will depend on who you hire and the size of your roof.

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