If your central heating is making a strange noise or isn't working properly, you might need your central heating system flushed - get the latest central heating system power flush costs here.

Cost Summary of Power Flushing Central Heating

Price Range = £300

Average Cost = £1,788.16

Cheapest Price = £1,201.04

Are you finding that most of your radiators remain cold (or lukewarm at best), despite continually turning up the thermostat? Or are they taking too long to heat up to maximum capacity? Or do some only heat up in some places, and not others? If any of these are the case then you might find that you have a clogged up central heating system. This occurs over a long period of time, as sludge and sediment gradually starts to accumulate in both the pipes and radiators, until the blockage prevents your heating panels from warming up properly; the boiler lacks the power to pump the heat through the level of waste and scale that’s gathered together, and as a result the poor circulation of your heating system leaves you and your family craving the warmth that, although it isn’t there, you’re ultimately still paying for.

So what’s the best solution? Well, the best thing to do is call in a professional heating surveyor or gas inspector to first of all assess the damage and locate the major sources of the problem. If it is simply a case of a blocked heating system, then they will most likely recommend that you power flush your central heating system. This involves hiring a professional, fully qualified engineer to clean the system by essentially ‘flushing’ out all of the built-up dirt and sludge from each outlet and/or clogged pipe, using the most effective tools and fast-working chemical solutions. But how much does flushing a central heating system cost?

Central Heating Power Flush Cost

According to wisetradesmen.com¸ the final central heating flushing cost usually depends on the size of the home; more specifically, the number of radiators in your home affected by the faulty system. Under their guidelines the cost of flushing central heating system works out as the following:

  • £300 for up to 10 radiators (usually around a three-bedroom semi-detached property)
  • An additional £35 for anything between 11-15 radiators (in total)
  • An additional £25 per radiator after that (up to a maximum of 20 radiators/outlets).

You might think this sounds a little expensive for what is basically a ‘clean’ of your system, but power flushing central heating system costs can be ‘recouped’ in reduced energy bills, less wasted heat and the time and money you save on potential follow-up repairs that, when you leave a clogged system unattended, could escalate into a major system overhaul. Therefore it is always advised that you pay the up-front power flush central heating cost by budgeting carefully and comparing a number of different quotes from several companies; some even offer a free follow-up check, so be mindful of looking out for deals that could save you even more cash! Either way, power-flushing your central heating system will certainly seem worth the worry when you can relax in the warm, cosy comfort of your own home again.

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