How to get a new oil boiler at affordable price , check if you’re eligible for any grants or special offers on The Energy Saving Trust website (, which also supplies a list of all available offers by local postcode. Wisetradesmen cost guides can help you find out how much it'll cost to service your oil-fired boiler.
How much does an Oil Boiler Service cost?
Average cost in UK: £75
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The average cost for an oil boiler is £75. You are likely to spend between £50 and £180 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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Oil boiler service cost summary:

Price range = £50 to £180

Average cost = £75

Best/cheapest price = £50

How much does it cost to service an oil boiler?

According to the average cost of an oil boiler service is between £50 and £180.

These are only guide prices, as specific prices will depend on where you live and the make and size of your boiler. Make sure when you contact local qualified engineers you have the name and brand number of your oil boiler as well as its location and age, with this information they should be able to provide you with a more specific quote.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an oil boiler?

The advantages to having an oil boiler include being able to change supplier whenever you choose as well as the ability to select from a wide range of appliances. One of the main disadvantages of having an oil boiler is that some of the leading insurers will not cover an oil boiler storage tank. Additionally, oil boiler installers do not have to be OFTEC registered, so there is no overall governing body such as Gas Safe to protect homeowners.

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