Looking for an oil boiler? Review our cost guide and find out the average price of an oil boiler first.

If you are considering buying an oil boiler you will have to take into consideration the installation costs involved, as well as the running costs. Which? estimated that the average cost of oil heating for a three bedroom house was £1,044 in 2007-2008, compared to £568 for mains gas heating. However, an oil boiler could be a good alternative choice for the 4.3 million homes not connected to the UK’s gas network.

How much does a Oil Boiler cost?
Average cost in UK: £1900
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The average cost for a Oil Boiler is £1900. You are likely to spend between £1300 and £2500 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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Summary of oil boiler prices:

Price range = £1,250 to £2,500

Average cost = £1,900

Best/cheapest price = £1,300

What is an oil boiler?

An oil boiler system works in a similar way to a gas system, but it uses an oil-fired boiler to heat water, which provides the central heating via radiators and hot water through taps.

How much does an oil boiler cost?

There are a wide range of products available and the price will be determined by factors like the type and size you choose. Below we have compiled a list of a few different oil boiler prices:

Combination oil boilers:

1.     Grant Vortex Pro External combi 36e: £2,310
–       Heat output band (kW) 36.0
2.      Worcester Greenstar Heatslave 25/32: £2,200
–       Heat output band (kW) 25-32

Heat only oil boilers:

1.     Grant Vortex Eco Outdoor 15-21: £1,300
–       Heat output band (kW) 15-21
2.     Grant Vortex Pro kitchen 58-70: £1,950
–       Heat output band (kW) 58-70
3.     Worcester Greenstar Camray 25-32: £1,500
–       Heat output band (kW) 25-32

System Oil Boilers:

1. Worcester Greenstar Camray External System 25-32: £2,100
–       Heat output band (kW) 25-32
2.     Worcester Greenstar Camray Utility System 12-18: £1,250
–       Heat output band (kW) 12-18

Are there any grants available to lower the cost of an oil boiler?

There are a few grants available to help out with oil boiler prices. Because new boilers are considered more environmentally friendly and efficient the government is keen to encourage them. The Warm Front Scheme will provide you with a package of insulation and heating improvements up to the value of £6,000 if oil heating is recommended. This is for low income families and other vulnerable households. However if you don’t qualify but are over 60 you could apply for the rebate scheme and get £300 back off oil boiler prices.

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