Want to build a conservatory without paying a fortune? Find out how to get cheap conservatory prices in our guide to low cost conservatories.
How much does a cheap Conservatory cost?
Average cost in UK: £2027
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The average cost for a cheap Conservatory is £2027. You are likely to spend between £1745 and £2266 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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Cheap/Low-Cost Conservatory Cost Summary

Price Range = £1,745 to £2,266

Average Cost = £2,027

Cheapest Price = £1,745

Many homeowners who are looking for an extension in the shape of a new conservatory are worried about how much this sort of home-improvement project could end up costing them – but not all conservatories have to be flash and expensive home installations. In fact, if you are willing to stick to cheap materials and a simple, basic design, there are plenty of budget conservatory options out there – you just have to know how to look for them!

To begin with, always opt for a standard lean-to model, styled in ordinary white u-PVC material. These are the cheapest options in overall conservatory design, and with standard door installation (no folding options) and regular double-glazing (no triple-glazing or low-e panes) you can keep costs as low as possible. Avoid accepting any extra features certain contractors might be offering you as well – most will try to ‘up-sell’ at every opportunity – and don’t feel pressured into improving your design as you go along unless it’s for safety reasons (which should be outlined beforehand anyway).

Cheap Conservatories Cost Comparison

To help give you a quick idea of just how cheap a new conservatory can be installed for, we’ve found the following prices that are based on the rough size of your projected model:

Size (width x depth in mm)
Cost (£)
2,211 x 2237
2,954 x 2237
3,697 x 2237
4440 x 2237

For any extras you really do wish to add to your low-cost conservatory, just add the following prices to the final estimated bill:

  • + 2 manual ventilation inserts = £56.00
  • + 1 manual roof ventilation insert = £91.00
  • + low-e double-glazing = £209-279

These figures are, of course, just representative of a single online company; for cheap conservatories prices tailored more specifically to your property, you should compare a number of different quotes from a variety of conservatory companies and retailers both locally and nationally. That way, you are sure to get the best deal for you without signing up for the first special offer that comes your way. For an even better estimate you could even hire a project manager or surveyor to look over your property and draw up the most accurate measurements possible – just make sure this doesn’t end up costing you more than any of the low-cost conservatories you’ve managed to come across so far.

The final price of your low-cost conservatory will ultimately depend on several factors, including the number of extras you want fitted and the extent of your interior decor and other furniture purchases. Plus you might want to extend your heating and/or electricity supply so they can be accessed right from inside your new extension; be sure to budget well beforehand for any of these additions, just to make certain your low-cost conservatory doesn’t end up being more expensive than you originally planned!

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