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How much does a Electric Gates cost?
Average cost in UK: £3397
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The average cost for a electric gates is £3397. You are likely to spend between £498 and £6745 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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When you think of electric gates, most home owners often think of heavy duty, high-tech security gates reserved only for those in wealthy, detached properties across the country – but the truth is, this is simply no longer the case. Cheap electric gates can be purchased for almost any kind of home (except perhaps for terraced housing!) anywhere in the UK, and even those larger gates installed with modern technological features and the most up-to-date security devices can still be purchased for even the most modest property – and at a fraction of the price it might have been ten or even five years ago!

Cost Summary for Electric Gates:

Price Range = £498 to £6745

Average Cost = £3397

Cheapest Price = £498

So if this security feature is no longer simply suited to the rich and privileged, it begs the question – exactly how much are electric gates? To help highlight the rising need and falling electric gates cost in England today, we’ve put together the following self-help guide about these amazing home-security features, which should tell you everything you need to know!

First of all, there are a number of different benefits to having electric gates installed on your property, including the following:

  • Electric gates provide high-tech security that prevents potential burglars from invading your home, keeping you and your family safe and lending added protection to all your personal and sentimental belongings.
  • Automatic controls and modern technology allow you to set the electric gates to a security level that suits you – so you won’t have to worry about re-setting a load of complicated pass codes or indoor alarms if you don’t want to!
  • Electric gates come in a range of different styles and designs, from wooden oak to black or coloured varnished heavy-metals; whatever look you think best suits the exterior aesthetic of your home.
  • Most manufacturers also list electric gates with several additional extras, which can help improve both the look and security of your new investment. Whether it’s an easy-open sliding mechanism, a speaker and/or personal intercom device or a simple key-lock in the main gate itself, these extras can be tailored to your specific purpose for buying brand new electric gates.

So you know why you should have electric gates installed – but how much do electric gates cost?

Well, the cost of installing electric gates usually depends on a number of different factors, including the weight that your particular wall and/or existing gates can endure; whether or not you need additional building work or pre-installation prep before the gates can be securely fitted; and the size, style and final design of electric gate that you choose for your property. Still, to help you get a basic idea of the cost of electric gates we have sourced and listed the following electric gate prices from the following websites:

  • easygates - from as little as £249 per gate.
  • gateinstaller - anywhere between £1000-3500 per set of gates.
  • agdsystems – anywhere between £5495-6745.

Of course, these figures are just estimates from a limited number of websites – for the most accurate electric gates prices in your area you should get in touch with a number of different contractors and manufacturers, who will be able to tailor quotes to your particular property and building specification while also letting you know about any deals or special offers that they might currently be showcasing.

Before purchasing your new electric gates, make sure you have property properly surveyed and inspected by a local contractor too – that way you’ll know the exact measurements and specification to take to a retailer or manufacturer, and won’t have to worry about having bought an expensive new home security feature that doesn’t even fit in your front garden! It might be a longer process sorting all this out than you’d prefer, but only by doing things properly – and in the right order – will you be able to rest easy, knowing your brand new electric gates can be delivered and installed exactly how you want them!

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