Want a boiler that also produces electricity? Read our cost guide and find out the price of a Baxi Ecogen boiler.
How much does a Ecogen Boiler cost?
Average cost in UK: £8000
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The average cost for a Ecogen Boiler is £8000. You are likely to spend between £7000 and £9500 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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A Baxi Ecogen boiler is different from a conventional boiler which only provides central heating and hot water. The Baxi Ecogen supplies all that, but additionally it produces cheap electricity. According to the makers of the Baxi Ecogen boiler, you could save around £600 on your yearly fuel bill by installing one, and to top it off, you’ll also cut your carbon emissions by up to 40%.

Ecogen boiler price summary:

Price range = £7,127 to £9,500

Average cost = £8,000

Best/cheapest price = £7,127

Baxi Ecogen boiler price

According to the manufacturers, the cost of installing a Baxi Ecogen boiler will vary depending on the size and type of your property. It will also alter depending on where you buy it from. Whilst the Baxi Ecogen boiler cost is higher than a regular SEDBUK B and A Boiler, you could potentially make that money back through savings on your fuel bills. You could also use the electricity from the Baxi Ecogen as you generate it, so as an example you could do you ironing in the evening when your heating is on. Below are a few of the Baxi Ecogen prices from various merchants that we have collected:

1. BHL.co.uk sell Baxi Ecogen boilers for  £7,127.82

2. Mytub.co.uk price the Baxi Ecogen boiler at £8,781.48

3. Plumbplant.com sell Baxi Ecogen boilers for £8,327.79

Who can install my Baxi Ecogen Boiler?

Baxi is currently working with a few different companies such as British Gas, who are certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and fully trained to install and service the Baxi Ecogen.

How much electricity does the Baxi Ecogen Boiler provide?

Whilst the Baxi Ecogen boiler’s initial cost is quite high, remember it can produce up to one kilowatt of cheap electricity per hour, enough to cater for around 30% of the energy needed in an average household.

Where will the Ecogen Boiler go?

It is a wall hung boiler, so it can be fitted where suits, such as the kitchen, utility or garage.

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