Sash windows look great, but they can be draughty and inefficient. However, double glazed sash windows conserve heat and look great; get the latest double glazed sash window prices.
How much does a Double Glazed Sash Windows cost?
Average cost in UK: £332
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The average cost for a Double Glazed Sash Windows is £332. You are likely to spend between £167 and £524 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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Double Glazed Sash Windows Cost Summary:

Price Range = £167 to £524

Average Cost = £332

Cheapest Price = £167

Unlike cheaper uPVC frames, sash windows offer an authentic look for older homes and these days they can still be manufactured to reduce your energy bills. Older sash windows often consist of only a single pane of glass causing draughts and resulting in higher energy bills. Fortunately, however, you can save money and keep warm with new double-glazed sash windows. Made with frames styled to suit old Georgian and Victorian designs, they still offer all the insulation and energy-efficient qualities of cheaper uPVC window models.

New double-glazed sash windows will vary in price according to the size of your windows, how many you need installed, what type of material you opt for and the final style you choose, but the following table lists some average costs for three of the more popular kinds of double glazed sash window:

Measurements (mm)
u-PVC White (£)
u-PVC Cream/Natural (£)
Oak Timber (£)
600 x 1000
1100 x 2950

Although the prices listed above only include the smallest and largest double-glazed sash window options available, the cost estimates should help you to work out a rough guess of any measurements in-between. It is important to remember, however, that this is just a table of average quotes, and for a more accurate guide to pricing you should get in touch with a professional window installer, who will be able to carefully calculate costs according to your chosen design and size of your new sash window.

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