Solar thermal panels have become an affordable option that will save you money on your fuel bills - find out how much installing solar thermal panels costs here

Solar thermal panel cost summary

Price range = £1,000 to £8,000

Average cost = £4,800 

Cheapest price = £1,000

What are the benefits of a solar thermal panel system?

Solar thermal panels may cost quite a fair amount to initially install, but they carry with them the following benefits:

  • Year-round hot water (though you may need a boiler/immersion heater during the winter)
  • Savings on your fuel bills – once you have paid for the initial installation of the solar thermal panel system, the energy is free
  • Reductions on your household carbon footprint as using solar energy for hot water is a renewable heating system

How much money will solar thermal panels save you?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, typical savings from a well-installed and properly used system are £55 per year when replacing gas heating and £80 per year when replacing electric immersion heating.

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