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How much does a Conservatory Roof cost?
Average cost in UK: £1125
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The average cost for a Conservatory Roof is £1125. You are likely to spend between £510 and £1710 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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Summary of Conservatory Roof Prices

Price Range = £510 to £1,710

Average Cost = £1,125

Cheapest Price = £510

Although most conservatories last a long time and come with considerable guarantees, you can’t always rely upon the extension to last forever – especially not without the most basic kinds of repair and maintenance you would provide for any other small building, such as a shed or garage. If you experience a bout of particularly ferocious, stormy weather, (or if your conservatory is simply more than 20 years old), then you may find that it’s quicker and cheaper to simply replace your conservatory roof than to repair it.

Of course, buying just an individual part of a conservatory is significantly cheaper than having the whole extension installed; but just how much is the cost of a conservatory roof? Well, to help you get a rough idea of the different conservatory roofs prices, we’ve put together the following table, which outlines the price of a conservatory roof according to its size (width x length), based on an ordinary, untinted, polycarbonate roof with a depth of 25mm to 35mm.

Size (mm x mm)
3000 x 1900
4000 x 1900
5000 x 1900
6000 x 1900
7000 x 2100
8000 x 2100
9000 x 1900
10,000 x 2400
11,000 x 2600
12,000 x 2600

Compare Conservatory Quotes

Remember, although these figures might be useful for budgeting for a new conservatory roof but they are just estimates, and shouldn’t be used for any final cost preparation. To find the most up-to-date and accurate prices you can you should compare a number of free quotes from various local contractors and other, larger-scale retailers and manufacturers from across the UK. That way you can be sure your getting the best deal before your chosen contractor starts any costly installation work.

Of course, conservatory roof prices will vary according to the dimensions and the type of conservatory model you have; more elaborate, ornate roofs for Edwardian or Victorian styled conservatories can cost considerably more to replace and/or repair. Plus, shaded and tinted roofs can add a little extra to the final bill, while automatic openings or ventilation will cost even more. So, you should look into various specialist companies that offer the services you need to find the best price possible.

You should also remember that while the roof is being fitted or fixed the conservatory (and perhaps even the adjacent rooms) will be out of bounds for most of the time, so to make sure labourers can get on with the job you should avoid the area as much as possible – and perhaps even stay over a friends for a night or two if you can. Once they’ve installed the new roof, however, your conservatory will be ready to use and fully prepared for any kind of gathering or personal activity – come rain or shine!

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