If you're moving into a new property or have persistent problems with your drains, it's a good idea to commission a professional drain survey. So, how much does a CCTV drain survey cost?
How much does a CCTV Drain Survey cost?
Average cost in UK: £90
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The average cost for a CCTV drain survey is £90. You are likely to spend between £45 and £160 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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How Much Does a CCTV Drain Survey Cost?

Have you recently moved into a new home and want the place looked over before you settle in? Or are you experiencing regular drain blockages and don’t know what to do about it? Well, if you’ve tried fixing the problem yourself, or even if you are simply tired and fed-up with the recurring problem affecting your day-to-day activity, then why not look into hiring someone to carry out a CCTV drain survey on your property for you?

A CCTV drain survey will determine whether your drains and pipes need unblocking or repairing. Many people have a drain survey carried out before they move into a new property or if they have persistent problems with blocked pipes and drains. Professional camera engineers can usually get a drain survey done in a single day; arriving early to check for any external defects, and then using advanced technological equipment to inspect the pipes and carry out any repairs to prevent further blockages.

Advantages of a CCTV Drain Survey

Various builders, plumbers, and other home improvement contractors offer the relatively new CCTV drain survey as part of an overall service package. It might sound like an extravagant, high-tech solution to a simple problem, but these surveys actually save homeowners a lot of time and money in the long-run; they identify the source of the problem almost immediately, allowing the contractor to get to work straight away and from an angle which they know won’t damage any other part of your pipe-work or plumbing system. Plus they prevent excessive water waste, and you might even find lost valuables or sentimental items at the root of the problem! But exactly how much does a CCTV drain survey cost?

Drain Survey Cost Summary:

  • Price Range = £45 to £162
  • Average Cost = £93
  • Cheapest Price = £45

Additional Drain Survey Cost Information

Prices will vary according to the size of your pipe-work and how much you want to be inspected, but the following table can help give a sense of just how much this service might set you back:

First Hour: £78 (8am - 6pm), £108 (6pm - 11pm), £133 (11pm - 8am)
Per 15mins afterward: £20 (8am - 6pm), £27 (6pm - 11pm), £33 (11pm - 8am)
Saturday: Additional £18
Sunday: Additional £28
Bank Holidays: Additional £28
Xmas and New Year: Additional £28

Of course, these prices are just guidelines based on standardized quotes; when looking for a plumber or contractor to conduct your CCTV drain survey you should shop around for a number of different quotes and offers to get the best deal available. Ask friends and relatives if they know of anyone reliable and trustworthy who has worked on their property before; don’t forget to request and check references as well. This way you are guaranteed to find someone eager and willing to carry out the survey at the highest standard – helping to solve your drain blockage as soon as possible and get things fixed and back up and running right away!

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