If you’re worried about how much a home CCTV system will set you back, this extensive and easy-to-read guide should help to keep you within budget!
How much does a CCTV Camera System cost?
Average cost in UK: £150
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The average cost for a CCTV Camera System is £150. You are likely to spend between £7 and £390 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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CCTV System Cost Summary

Price Range = £7 to £390

Average Cost = £150

Cheapest Price = £7 – £35

Hooking up a new CCTV system to your domestic property might sound a little over-dramatic; after all, you’ve survived long enough without the extra protection and 24-hour monitoring service (not to mention forking out for additional CCTV costs), so why have it all installed now? Surely it’s more hassle than it’s worth?

Plus there are so many different models and units available that the CCTV cost can ultimately be tailored to suit you – just twenty years ago such a sophisticated home-improvement project might have set an ordinary wage earner back thousands of pounds, but in recent years such systems have become more and more affordable. Still, those with a keen eye for detail in the planning stages of a home development project might be eager to know – exactly how much do CCTV cameras cost? And what sort of models can home-owners choose from these days?

CCTV Camera Prices

To help give you a quick idea of the different kinds of CCTV model on offer and the cost of CCTV cameras that are available from most manufacturers or high street stores, we’ve put together the following CCTV prices table, which lists the different types of camera according to their major features, as well as an (estimated) corresponding price tag – helping you to answer the question: how much does CCTV cost?

CCTV Camera
CCTV Price
Dummy CCTV Camera
£7 – £35
Mini Black and White Camera
£20 – £28
Mini Colour Camera
£20 – £40
Full Body Colour Camera
£40 – £100
Black and White Dome CCTV Camera
£19 – £30
Full Colour Dome CCTV Camera
£20 – £65
Bullet Model CCTV
£20 – £38
Outdoor Infra Red CCTV Camera
£22 – £155
Full Colour Covert Operating CCTV
£30 – £60
Zoom and PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) Camera Model
£100 – £390
Rear View External/Outdoor Camera
£100 – £120

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Cost of Additional CCTV Camera Features

If you’re interested in purchasing additional features for your CCTV (in an effort to make it more functional or sophisticated), you’ll also need to take into account the prices for any extras during the budgeting stages of your plan, including the following:

CCTV Camera Extra
CCTV Price
PTZ Controllers
£20 – £130
CCTV Wall Brackets
£4 – £35
Infra-Red Illuminators
£20 – £50

Remember, these CCTV cameras prices are just estimates based on online figures; for the latest and most up-to-date information you should contact a number of different CCTV camera manufacturers and retailers, who will be able to provide you with the details and costs of the most recent technology they have available. To get the best deal possible make sure you compare a number of different quotes before settling on a final contractor; ask friends and family for recommendations if necessary, and don’t be scared to ask exactly what’s included in the final offer – otherwise you might find yourself paying extra for installation and CCTV maintenance later on too. It is also a good idea to check that your CCTV system is fitted by a fully certified professional – one who complies with the relevant British Standards and who can provide references on request.

Of course, before choosing a final CCTV camera model you can always carry out additional research about the makes that are currently on the market (or any of the products listed above!) and within your price range – just to be sure you’re getting exactly the kind of home protection you’re looking for and stick to the cost of CCTV camera that you can afford. If you have an avid interest in this kind of technology, for instance, you may find that you want to purchase CCTV based on the type of lens or frame that each camera is fitted with – although you should be prepared to pay a bit extra if you plan on tailoring the equipment to suit your specific property. Still, there is no harm in taking extra care and attention when looking up the cost of CCTV for your home; after all, once everything has been fully fitted and installed, you want to be sure that it’s working and ready to stay there!

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