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How to Guide for Repairing a Blown Window


Are you one of those homeowners with double-glazed doors or windows? Then the blown window is most likely a problem you experience quite often. A blown window is the condensation or mist that appears between the glass panes.

Many also refer to this problem as failed double glazing, and initially, it may seem like a trivial inconvenience, but it can soon worsen. For starters, failing to address a blown window could lead to severe problems like weakened security, heat loss during winters, and more.

In this article, we will give you a guide for blown window repair. Keep reading below!

What is a blown window?

Before delving into the repairing solutions, let’s learn a little about what a blown window is. Basically, when a gap forms between the glass panes in a window and allows moisture or condensation, it causes mist for the glass.

Many factors can contribute to gaps between the glass panes, including damages from sealant and others. Some of the damages include:

  • Due to poor installation or bad-fitting of the windows
  • When homeowners clean windows with harsh chemicals
  • If the windows have been in place for long years and have deteriorated over time
  • Accidental damage that weakens the windows when the seals suffer wear and tear over tie

A blown window is always a threat to the much-needed heat and energy efficiency of your home. If you fail to fix it in time, your home will not be as comfortable inside as it should be and less energy-efficient for insulation. Besides, blown windows also symbolize weakened glass, which could be an added risk for the home.

Blown Window- Replacement

The cost of placing a blown window can cost you anywhere around £60 to £350, but this figure could drive up or change further. It all depends on your choice of either replacing the entire window or repairing it.

Besides the overall cost, one also needs to consider the dimensions of the panels you wish to replace. Sometimes, it is fairly challenging to access the boards, while it can be easy in many cases. Even after you fit the panels of a blown window, the replacement or repair needs can alter the costs.

Cost Factors

The costs do not end with fitting in the new window. There are several factors that this entails, including the ventilation work you will have to conduct in the room. Since new windows tend to be more airtight in most cases and retain higher moisture levels as well, you will require some extra effort.

For better ventilation with new windows, you will need trickle vents for your double glazed to improve the ventilation level. We suggest taking time and putting in a little effort to understand the kind of window you have before you launch repairs.

It is also always advisable to enlist the help of some tradesmen, including a mix of decorators, plasterers, and painters. While this may drive up your overall costs, it will, however, guarantee a perfect outcome.

Replacing or Repairing- Which should you choose?

It all depends on the intensity of the blown window problem you have on hand. Many homeowners are often very fortunate not to need an entire replacement for the window. In such cases, all one may need is to replace only the double-glazed unit at most.

If you have these skills, you may very well measure the part of your window that requires a replacement. Otherwise, you can always hire a qualified tradesman to do the needful, which will surely add to your costs.

However, the greatest advantage of accurate and professional measurement is that the glass fits the window frames neatly. This is all due to the accurate cutting with the precise measurements. A tradesman is a professional who ensures the best approach for measuring your frame fixings.

Under the able hands of a tradesman, your old unit will also remove easily, and the new one will easily take its place.

Accurate Measurements- The Importance

Remember we stressed the importance of accurate measurement above? The truth is that if you make any mistakes here, the inaccurate measurements will result in a piece of glass that won’t fit into the area.

You’d end up wasting money on purchasing panes that won’t even be of any use to you. In addition to the measurements, you must pay careful attention to the toughness, tinting, thickness, and type of glass. With the advancements, you can now choose from a wide variety of windows for various kinds of properties.

It is wise to spend a little time learning about those so that you pick the best one for your home and enjoy great value for money. While you’re at the project, also remember that newer double glazed units come with anti-theft blocks. These will slow down your project and most likely drive the costs higher too.

DIY Blown Window Repair- Is it a Good Idea?

For simple double-glazed units, the removal task is easy and does not involve many technicalities. However, in case there are anti-theft blocks in your windows, then you will have a fair bit of work on your hands.

Even then, the right tools and skillset will help you remove the double glazed units, whether they have double-sided tape or pressure gaskets. Like we said, with the right tools and skillset, you can accomplish a DIY blown window replacement successfully.

However, it is always better to first weigh the pros and cons. If you see room for possible mistakes that could drive your costs higher, it is best to let an expert handle it. With a qualified tradesman, your project will complete faster and you will be able to enjoy more efficient energy.

window with energy efficiency sign

Final Thoughts

Blown windows occur due to the gaps that cause misting from moisture or condensation retention. It is best to fix a blown window immediately so that it does not pose security threats, loss of heat, or poor energy efficiency.

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