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How to Guide for Buying a New Front Door


A front door is vital to the security of your home; hence it is always a wise commitment to invest in a new one. But, apart from the security aspect, a beautifully designed front door can complement that aesthetic of your home and boost its kerb appeal.

So, if you are considering buying a new front door for your home, here is all you need to know and things you must consider.

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Knowing All Your Options

Replacing or buying a front door is not something you do very often. Therefore, it is essential to consider all factors, such as suitable material, design, and style. There are also security issues to keep in mind.  Therefore it is best to obtain professional advice about which door would best suit your needs.  

There are myriad options available out there, and it does not cost you to do a bit of window shopping when searching for an ideal front door for your home sweet home. First, however, you must always remember to know the exact size, thickness, and shape of your front door.

This will help you pick the right door, or you can give these specifications to a manufacturer for a made-to-measure front door.

Things to Consider When Buying a New Front Door

Here are three major aspects that you must consider when replacing your front door with another one.

Material Matters

There are three primary door materials popular in the UK. Each of these materials is available in a wide range of colours and textures. In some cases, you can get a customised order that contains a mix of two materials to create a unique texture or design.


Wood remains the top choice because of its classic high-end appearance. Plus, it has high resistance to dents and you can get repair any scratches within minimum work. Some of the common woods popular for doors in the UK include.

  • Mahogany
  • Pine
  • Fir
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Walnut

However, you must run yearly inspections to ensure your front door is in top-notch condition.


This one is probably the most cost-effective and secures material with impeccable resistance to weather. These doors have an inner steel frame combined with high-density insulation foam. However, you will not be able to tell that the door is made of steel – thanks to sustainable laminated-wood veneer and wood-fibre coating. 


Fibreglass is a modern alternative to steel and wooden front doors. They are resistant to any signs of wear and tear. You require little maintenance and you can get them in a variety of styles and textures. However, for a secure fibre-glass front door, you must prepare to pay a high-end price as cheaper ones may crack upon impact.

That said, it is entirely up to your preference and budget which of the three above-mentioned materials you may choose when making your purchase.

Energy Efficiency and Insulation

It is important that the front material you choose must be energy efficient and come with adequate insulation. This is especially important in the UK as we face cold temperatures too often than our liking. Therefore, any leak or inadequate insulation in your front will cause major heat loss translating into higher utility bills.

Remember, trying to save money on the price may cost you hundreds in utility bills. Always buy a door that has a material design for maximum insulation and energy efficiency. For example, fibre-glass and steel front doors come with thermal breaks and have high heat resistance.

This will stop any heat from penetrating through on a hot summer day. On other hand, the same heat-resistant property will prevent indoor heat from escaping the house during cold temperatures, reducing your heating bills.


Most modern-day doors are very sturdy and offer adequate security, no matter if you are using wooden, steel, or fibre-glass. However, if security is your main concern, look for a front door with a deadbolt with a metal strike plate at least an inch long. You can also ask the vendors to provide you with a front door that has a secure locking mechanism that is virtually impenetrable.

In case you choose a front door with a side window or big window, always look for one with reinforced glass. Plus, a double glazed glass will offer security against break-ins as well as adequate insulation.

Although not very mainstream yet, you can get modern locking systems. These are keyless locks that require a transponder keypad, bio-metric, swipe card, or a smartphone to unlock your front door.

Pre-hung Front Doors

Whether you are buying a new front door or replacing an old one, pre-hung doors are perfect. This means, your door will be hanging on the hinges come fitted in a new frame. They are easy to fix in the place (as far as the frame fits the entire door bracket). Plus, why not change the entire frame with the door.

However, you must determine if you need a right-hand or a left-hand door. This is simple, stand in your doorway as you were about to go out. If the lock is on your right then you need a right-hand door, and vice versa.

 Finally, It is Installation Time

Once you have bought a door, it is time for installation. For this, you will need experienced door joiners. Typically, it is a day’s job for the joiners to fit in your new front door. However, this may vary depending on if you have the exact fit or they need to make any alterations to size.

Buying a new front door is going to make your home look more modern. However, you must understand that it is a job for professionals, and you must not take any risks as your home’s security depends on it.

You can easily search for a front door installation service in your local area. However, always ensure they are professional, and the best way is to look for online reviews on their website, social media page, or online reviewing websites such as Yelp.

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