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Create a floor from pennies


Create a Unique Floor Using Spare Pennies

Would you like to find out how to create a beautifully unique floor using spare cash or compare flooring renovation and installation quotes for free in your local area?

Are you looking for a quality new floor? Something which will look truly fantastic and not cost an arm or a leg?

Well how about £270 for the whole project? That’s what you can do and create a fantastic floor. Many people have tried the penny floor project, we shared one such project on facebook and people loved it. Take a look at the video below from Matt Giles or on our facebook page

If you’re hiring a proper tradesmen for the penny job, they better be paid by the hour as this could take a while!

It’s not just the floor you can create with money. How about using money for your tiling within your kitchen? this example shows how a penny wall could look in a kitchen. 


We can’t help but use the pun. How about standing on a penny while you’re spending a penny. This penny project can extend into a bathroom. 


More penny decorating here with a penny wall. Makes it a bit dark in our opinion. 


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