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Cost Guide for Boiler Repair and Maintenance


Price Range: £100 – £650

Average Cost: £399

Best/Cheapest Price: £150 – £300

The average boiler repair and maintenance service company in the UK will charge between £100 and £650, depending on the type of problem. There is a wide range of issues that might require a repair for your boiler, and some might require simple cleaning while others need a new component.

For example, if the boiler professionals need to replace a damaged flue, they will charge around £150, but when it’s something as tricky as a faulty heat exchanger, it can cost over £400 to install a replacement.

Just as the name implies, boiler repair services are those you call when your boiler needs to be repaired, serviced, maintained, or when you want to install a new one.

What Influences Pricing?

Apart from the damaged part, other factors can cause boiler repairs or maintenance costs to be more expensive. One of these is the make and model of the boiler, as more complex models like combi boilers are more costly than standard boilers. So, services usually charge between 25% to 50% more for larger boilers.

Also, older boilers cost more to repair than newer ones, especially those over a decade old; it will be difficult for the service company to find parts needed for the repair, leading to an increase in price.

Keep in mind that fixing an electric boiler will cost way more than it does for a gas unit. The former can attract repair prices between £500 and £1800 in some cases, as several electrical components could have gone bad, from the ignition system to the fan. This is different from a gas boiler which costs an average price of £399 or can go as high as £500.

Another factor that influences boiler repair cost is the service you’re hiring. Nationwide firms are usually more expensive than small, neighbourhood businesses. Also, services based in London will cost more than those in smaller cities, and how far you are from the company also matters.

Boiler engineers can also increase their prices for emergency repair. The average emergency repair costs about £420, although this can be influenced by various factors like your location and the repairs required.

If a warranty covers your boiler, you can take care of repair jobs without breaking the bank. It can also be covered by other insurance products you purchased from the utility supplier, the manufacturer, or the home insurance provider. You can also reduce how much you spend on boiler repairs by regularly maintaining and servicing the boiler once a year, which costs between £70 and £120.

Boiler on wall

The pricing can also depend on how the service charges its clients. Boiler repair and maintenance costs are calculated in two different ways:

  1. Hourly Rate

Boiler engineers can charge by the hour, so the total price depends on how long it takes to fix the problem. The hourly fee can be from £60 to £100, or even more if you live in London. Sometimes, this can be the fee for the first hour; then, it cuts down by half for the rest of the time. Some services also charge a call-out fee, so how far you are from them can influence the pricing.

  1. Fixed Fee

On the other hand, the engineer can charge only one service after inspecting the problem. You will be only required to pay what is on the quote, regardless of how long it might take to fix. In rare cases, the price might change due to unforeseen circumstances.

How Long Does It Take to Repair a Boiler?

How long it takes the engineer to fix your boiler depends on the problem, so there is no fixed timeline. In some cases, a repair can take less than two hours when the problem is simple, and the hourly rate works for this. But in other cases, a complicated repair can take over a day, which a fixed fee will be better for.

The engineer might also inspect your boiler, leave to order the needed parts, and return after a few days to fix it.

Boiler professional fixing boiler

While it’s essential to know how boiler repair services set their pricing, you should also know the best time to call them to fix your boiler. Basically, how do you know there’s something wrong with your boiler? You should see some signs before hiring a boiler repair and maintenance service.

  1. Boiler Is Making Strange Noises

If your boiler is making strange noises, that’s a sign that you need to hire an engineer to evaluate the problem and fix it. These noises are one of the most apparent signs that something isn’t working correctly, mainly when the unit is operating louder than usual.

  1. Different Thermostat Settings But Same Results

If you find yourself increasing your thermostat settings regularly but still getting the same results or same level of comfort, your boiler requires fixing. Even if the boiler is working, it won’t be efficient and might need servicing.

  1. High Heating Bills

Another sign is a sudden increase in your heating bills when you’ve been using your boiler the same way. Or, your boiler might be overconsuming fuel if it isn’t electric. This is a sign that your boiler is starting to fail, so you should hire a professional to check and fix the problem.

  1. Other Problems

Some common issues to look out for include if the boiler is turning off randomly, leaking, or can’t handle pressure, if you notice a smell coming from it, if it has the wrong pilot light on, or if it has been breaking down too often.

In The Case of Installation

In some cases, your boiler might be damaged beyond repair, and you will have to hire repair services to replace it entirely. New boilers can cost between £580 and £4000 depending on the type and brand and the size of the boiler. Then, the installation costs can go as high as £1000 depending on the service you’re hiring, your location, and where it is being replaced.

The prices quoted are all estimates.

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