Conservatory Prices And Costs | How Much Do Conservatories Cost?

A new conservatory can add space and value to your home, but how much do conservatories cost? Our conservatory prices and cost guide will help you determine how much it will cost you to build or install a new conservatory.

How much does a Conservatory cost?

Average cost in UK: £9k

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The average cost for a Conservatory is £9000. You are likely to spend between £5000 and £60000 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

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How much does a Conservatory cost?

Average cost in UK: £9k

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The average cost for a Lean-to Conservatory is £3999. You are likely to spend between £2039 and £6700 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Summary of Conservatory Prices

Price Range = £5,000 to £60,000

Average Cost = £9,000

Cheapest Price = £5,000


Conservatory Types

There are a variety of conservatory styles and materials to choose from, so there’s bound to be something to suit your property – here are the main options:

  • Edwardian conservatories typically have a pitched roof and are square or rectangular in shape with a flat front; they often have dwarf walls and are a popular choice as they blend well with different styles of homes.
  • Lean-to conservatories are a common choice because they’re fairly easy to build; three walls and a sloping roof are erected against the existing property wall. Lean-to conservatories are rectangular in shape with a sloping roof and can be built up against up to three external walls.
  • P-shaped conservatories are comprised of a rectangular section built against the property, leading to a square or rectangular section; similar to Edwardian or Victorian conservatory design.
  • L-shaped conservatories can wrap around the side of the property, saving space in the garden.
  • Victorian conservatories have a rounded look constructed by a number of facets at the front. The usually have bay windows, with a door placed off to the side. Traditionally Victorian conservatories have gothic shaped windows and doors and a curved roof structure.

The type of conservatory you choose, as well as its size, will have an impact on the overall conservatory price. You may also choose to install extras such as conservatory blindsunderfloor heating or air conditioning; this will also increase the cost of building a conservatory.


Average Conservatory Cost

So, how much do conservatories cost? You should always do your research before deciding which type of conservatory to install; compare conservatory prices online, consult up to three local companies for quotes and check whether you need planning permission before you begin.

When calculating the cost of a conservatory, bear in mind that prices will vary depending on:

  • How big the conservatory is?
  • Which style of conservatory you choose?
  • What materials your conservatory is made of?
  • Whether you opt to fit extra features such as blinds or underfloor heating?

UK Conservatory Prices

Here are some average prices for conservatories in the UK:

  • According to our home renovation cost survey, the average cost of buying and installing a conservatory is £9,000
  • The average price of supplying and building a 3 metres (m)  x 3.5m Edwardian conservatory at £9,000
  • The average price of conservatories at £9,000 will get you a uPVC, lean-to conservatory with a 16 square metre floor area and low-emissivity glazing.  A similar conservatory with a more elaborate Edwardian roof will cost around £11,000
  • The price of a small, basic conservatory is £5,000 while a hand-crafted, luxury orangery can cost as much as £60,000+.

Lean-to Conservatory Prices

As lean-to conservatories are a lot simpler to install, they usually end up costing a bit less than more elaborate conservatory options. Here are some example lean-to conservatory prices:

  • A 4m x 2.5m lean-to conservatory will cost on average £5,990
  • A 6m x 3m lean-to conservatory costs on average £6,700

Conservatory Blinds Cost

Conservatories can get extremely hot in the summer, so you may need to install some extra features to keep yours cool such as fans, air conditioning or conservatory blinds. Good quality blinds look great and will provide privacy as well cool the room. There are a range of different colours and styles of conservatory blinds available, here are some sample prices:

  • Conservatory blinds 200 mm wide with a 1 m drop will cost £87
  • Conservatory blinds 300 mm wide with a 1 m drop will cost £126

Wooden Conservatory Prices

If you want a traditional look, you might want to opt for a wooden conservatory rather than a uPVC model. While it may look great, be aware that wood needs more maintenance than uPVC and will require regular weatherproofing to ensure it doesn’t rot or warp. With that in mind, here’s a wooden conservatory price guide from Timber Conservatory:

  • A wooden conservatory will cost between £20,000 and £60,000 depending on which type of wood you choose and the size and style of the conservatory

Fitted Conservatories Price Guide

Now you’ve decided which conservatory you want to install, you’ll need to figure out how much it’ll cost to install. Although you should always consult local conservatory fitters for exact quotes, here’s a guide to conservatory installation costs from Check Your Price:

  • Conservatory foundations cost £120 per cubic metre to dig
  • Laying a base and damp proofing a conservatory will cost £100 per cubic metre
  • Building conservatory walls will cost £2 per metre
  • Installing windows in a conservatory costs £50 per frame
  • Fitting French doors costs £130 per set
  • Fitting a conservatory roof costs between £25 and £50 per square metre

Conservatory Cleaning Prices

To increase the longevity of your conservatory and make sure it looks great all year round, it’s important to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance; you’ll need to keep glass clean and remove moss from roofing and gutters, for example. It’s essential that you use the right cleaning products and take extreme care when attempting to clean a conservatory. It’s safer and easier to hire a professional company to clean your conservatory roof, if you choose to do this, here’s a rough guide to what you can expect to pay for conservatory cleaning:

  • A full conservatory clean inside and out will cost  between £25 and £160

DIY Conservatory Prices

If you’re confident in your DIY skills, you may want to install a conservatory yourself to save some money. DIY conservatory installation can be a good idea provided that you’re able to follow UK building regulations and are experienced in construction work. If you’re in any doubt, always hire a professional conservatory installation company. Here are some prices for conservatory materials:

  • The materials for a lean-to conservatory with dwarf walls will cost between £2,039 and £3,018

If you’re planning to install a conservatory yourself, it could also be a good idea to buy a conservatory kit, which includes all materials and instructions, for example:

  • A three-sided uPVC Edwardian conservatory kit 3.130m in width, 3.119m in height and 3.060m in depth will cost £3,999. This kit includes toughened safety glass, a polycarbonate roof, French doors and a 10-year guarantee.
  • A uPVC lean-to conservatory kit 2.305m in height, 3.130m in width and 1.260m in depth with cost £2,939. This includes toughened, double glazed safety glass, a polycarbonate roof, French doors and a 10-year guarantee.
  • A Victorian conservatory kit 3.096m in height, 3.034m in width and 2,712m in depth will cost £3,469. This kit also includes a uPVC frame, polycarbonate roof, double glazed, toughened glass and French doors.

Edwardian and Victorian Conservatory Prices

Edwardian and Victorian conservatories come in traditional hexagonal or octagonal shapes, as well as simpler rectangular or square designs to suit all property types. Conservatory cost estimates will vary depending on size, height and roof style, as well as any extras you choose to add. Here are some example Edwardian and Victorian conservatory costs:

  • A regular Edwardian or Victorian conservatory 3.5m x 4m in size will cost on average £6,710
  • A double hipped Edwardian or Victorian conservatory 3m x 5m in size will cost on average £7,250

Conservatory Roof Prices

You may need to replace your conservatory roof at some point down the line. The cost of a conservatory roof will vary depending on what material and style of roof you need to replace; here are some example prices:

  • A polycarbonate roof 3m x 1.9m in size will cost around £502

Small Conservatory Costs

If you’re looking to expand your home but don’t fancy a large or double-storey extension (and perhaps was thinking of something a little more affordable), then a conservatory might be just the thing you’re looking for. A small conservatory in the range of 2500mm x 3500mm will likely cost between £2,000 and £3,000.


Orangery Conservatory Prices

Historically, an orangery was an ornate type of greenhouse; the term is now used to describe more elaborate, luxurious conservatories, which in turn usually cost more than ordinary conservatories:

  • A 2m x 4m orangery including all major features and fittings; including double glazing, hardwood doors, downlights, flooring, VAT and installation will cost between £40,000 and £50,000

uPVC Conservatory Costs

uPVC is the most popular conservatory material nowadays because it’s cheaper than wood, as well as more durable. uPVC is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance, aside from occasional cleaning. Check out the average price for a conservatory made of uPVC:

  • A 3m x 3m lean-to,  uPVC conservatory with a flat roof costs around £6,500
  • A 3m x 3m Victorian or Edwardian uPVC conservatory will cost between £7,500 and £7,900

The above prices are from uPVC Conservatories include the conservatory as well as installation, VAT and a 10 year guarantee. 


P-shaped Conservatory Prices

A P-shaped conservatory is a great option if you want a big room; however it will cost you more to buy and install. Here’s a P-shaped conservatory price list:

  • Conservatories Online say that a basic P-shaped Victorian conservatory will cost between £20,000 and £25,000.

Aluminium Conservatory Prices

Aluminium is another conservatory material worth considering; it’s extremely strong and therefore good for supporting full length windows rather than dwarf ones. Aluminium won’t rot, warp, twist or rust, the only drawback is that it can cost up to 10% more than other types of conservatories.


Low Cost Conservatories

Prices of conservatories can seem fairly expensive, especially when you add in any extras such as painting and decorating, buying conservatory furniture and adding heating and ventilation. However, it is possible to get a cheaper conservatory if you choose your materials and style wisely. A standard, lean-to, uPVC conservatory will cost less, for example, than a large, wooden Edwardian conservatory. You can also make sure you pay less for your conservatory by choosing regular double glazing and simple doors, for example:

  • The cheapest  2.21m x 2.237m conservatory from Direct Conservatories4U  costs £1,745

Find out more about how to get the best price conservatories.


Conservatory Planning Permission

Before you even start to compare conservatory prices, you should check whether you need planning permission to build a conservatory in the first place. UK planning laws state that conservatories are permitted developments, meaning that you can install them as long as they meet guidelines, including:

  • The conservatory must not take up more than half the area of land around the original house
  • The conservatory cannot be higher than the highest part of the house, including the eaves and ridge height
  • A conservatory at the rear of a property must not extend beyond the rear wall by more than 3m on an attached property or 4m on a detached property.
  • The conservatory should be no more than 4m high
  • The conservatory must not include any side verandas, balconies or raised platforms
  • If you live in a National Park, Area of Outstanding National Beauty, Conservation Area, World Heritage Site or in a Listed Building you should check with your local council whether you need to apply for planning permission.

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